Friday, December 3, 2010

When you don't get to pick how to spend your money

The week before Thanksgiving, we rented a movie with the kids.

Normally, we see what's on Netflix, or Redbox, or we look through our own collection.

But last week, we happened to be by Blockbuster, so we rented one from there.

And then we forgot to take the movie back. And we kept forgetting. And then when we would think of it, we wouldn't be able to find the case for it. Or something.

Finally, we saw a little charge in our bank account for 10.68 from Blockbuster.

Seems they have ended late fees by just charging you for the whole movie when you keep it longer than 10 days, or so.

This happened to us once in the past. And it wasn't that bad because the movie was Eragon. And while not a classic or award winner, we all liked it enough that I didn't feel ripped off.

This time however, not only was it not a classic or an award winner, but rather a movie in a class all it's own.

It was:

Enough said.


  1. Ha! I love it. Have fun with that one.

  2. WOW. That sucks. I mean, I would probably want my money back after watching that one, nevermind paying extra to keep it!

  3. we just recently discovered this new "thing" that Blockbuster is doing too... It sure was a neat surprise!(read with sarcasm)!!!


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