Friday, December 17, 2010

A new addition, or two.

I have joked(had a premonition. Either way.) with Jeff for a long time, that I'm going to get pregnant with twins someday. Probably when I'm 40.

They will be a boy and a girl, most likely.

And we will love them.

But sometimes things happen a little earlier then planned.

Yup. You guessed it.

We got fish.

Their names are Grover and Sharp Cheddar.

And they fit right in with our family.


Because they obviously love butter. As do we.

Welcome to the family little fishies.


  1. Ok, just to give you some info you may not have(cuz my house is the pet/fish zoo) Them cute little goldfish will get to at least 12in long and pretty round(think koi) and will live for 20+ years....So housing should end up being much larger and with a heater, did you know they actually really like warm temps(you can get little itty bitty heaters for cheap that are like heating pads)... ANYWAY just sayin........
    p.s. like the names......

  2. You TOTALLY, TOTALLY, TOTALLY got me with that little space between your announcement.....and....your fish. totally.

    We love our fish. We've had our second beta fish for one year now - his name is Ice. He lives on our kitchen counter.

    Good luck with the fish...have fun!

  3. My heart skipped a beat......and I grew with envy.....then I saw FISH!

    You got me too Amy! ! I have a tank if you are interested...we grew polywogs in it. :)

  4. I don't know why everyone seems so surprised. I mean, who doesn't want EIGHT kids? Don't we all? (haha!) Funny. I think my comment is going to work today. Hooray!! LOVE and miss you!

  5. Ha! too funny - good luck with the twin goal. I have found that most people want them don't have them and those that don't want them end up having them! Naomi

  6. I thought~ Oh, Good I will see her again!:)


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