Thursday, December 16, 2010


I am still here. But we got a new computer, yay!, and as soon as Jeff as it all set up, I will post again.

Our old computer would get too hot because there was something wrong with the internal fan, or something, so we would have to sit with the window open to keep it cool enough in the office.

Even then it would shut down on you without warning. Sometimes every 5 minutes until you wanted to scream with frustration.

So I am looking forward to blogging without the worry that everything will shut down mid post.

No pressure Jeff:)


  1. I'll set it up for you tonight!


  2. The fan on my laptop went out the other day. Nevermind that I had a Christmas letter to write, several photo books to put together and order, etc! UGH! But I've been placing an ice pack underneath it which is working splendidly :) I'm hoping to nurse this one along for another month or two.

  3. Computer was set up last night. Now we wait for Amy's next post....


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