Monday, December 20, 2010

Not hiding our light under a bushel

Two weeks ago, I received a call that threw our house (mainly me) into a flurry of nervous apprehension and performance anxiety.

For our wards Christmas program, our family was asked to perform something. Anything. Whatever we wanted.

"Spiritual or funny?" I asked.

It didn't matter I was told.

At first, I perused the internet, hoping to find inspiration from others who had performed.

For some reason, I didn't just want to sing a song and be done. I wanted it to be more memorable than that, for both the audience and our family.

So after finding nothing that struck my fancy, Jeff and the kids and I all started to brainstorm.

We came up with several ideas, that soon morphed into one. It involved a little comedy, some singing, acting, and general goofiness.

With our brainstorming session outlined, I set about writing a script for our little 9 minute production.

We gathered or borrowed props.

We practiced and practiced until everyone had their lines memorized.

There was drama, a little in-fighting and there may or may not have been some crying, caused by me, during the dress rehearsal. (sorry my dearheart)

It was just like Broadway!

Ok, not really.

But it was superfun, once it was over, and I'm so proud of my children for not being afraid, for putting up with my stress levels as I strove for perfection, and for truly giving it their all.

So I present to you, the link to our youtube channel.

Allen Family Players

Please come back and tell us what you thought. I know the kids (and my own tender ego) would love to hear it!

And if you want to borrow this idea for a future skit, just let me know. I have a script I can email you. But please ask. I know it's not the most brilliant thing ever, but it is our own creation.



  1. Fan.Tastic! Amy, that was great - and what a lovely singing voice you have!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

  2. That was priceless!! I'm in tears! It's so good to hear your beautiful voice and see your kids and everyone in action! That was truly fantastic, you all did such a wonderful job! I love the rendition of Deck the halls at the end. I loved that Julia knew exactly where the mic was supposed to be at all times, and Henry so enthusiastic in Jedi-mode. Charlie was the best Santa...Anne Marie was a beautiful good witch and don't worry, Kate...someday you'll get your man!

    Love you all and hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Just left you a message. What a fantabulous job! What talent! My kids would have stared like dear in headlights. And Amy, your voice never sounded so beautiful. What a gift you have. I love that you love to sing, and as a bonus, you are amazing at it! Love and miss you!

  4. Ditto to all comments. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!

  5. What Fun! I enjoyed seeing all of your poise on stage...Everyone did so well. I think it is time to invest in those mic headsets. The famous acting and singing Allen's.


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