Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Part two

In case you're worried, everything turns out ok:) But here's the rest of the story.

Back at his own host family, Jeff too was not sleeping. He sat up with all of his mind racing. Doubts, assurances, pressure from family, loving another, all these were things he thought about. But in the end it came down to Jeff's confidence in his Heavenly Father. Jeff had received a witness that he should date Amy and Amy only. After reading his scriptures and much thought and prayer, Jeff was able to sleep peacefully. He knew what he would do tomorrow when he saw Amy. He held the key to Amy’s happiness, and only Amy did not know as she tossed and turned that night, which way that key would turn.

The following morning Amy awoke with a plan in mind. She knew that she could be sullen and depressed, or she could portray a calmness and confidence she did not feel. She wanted Jeff to be able to make up his mind based on his real feelings. Not just feeling sorry for Amy. She would not let him see her pain. She could only hope he would change his mind.

When they saw each other the next morning, amidst singing songs for the sweet people at the nursing home, Jeff felt a peace and happiness, while Amy felt only nervous anticipation. She stood apart from Jeff, sneaking sideways glances at him. Wondering what he could possibly be thinking. Confused by the contented look on his face. Would this be the end? Or would they be able to continue from where they left off.

When there were a few moments available for Jeff and Amy to talk, he pulled her aside, and with that self-deprecating smile she would come to know and love, he asked her if she could just forget everything he said the night before. The relief that washed over Amy had to have been apparent. She could have cried with the sudden change from sorrow to joy again. They talked for a while longer and he explained why he had his doubts and that he knew those doubts were not from his Heavenly Father. Amy frankly and completely forgave him the drama he had caused and neither of them looked back. Although, in future years Amy was known to tease her sweet Jeff occasionally for the one night he broke up with her. (ok, I teased him mercilessly for a long time. I only bring it up every couple of months now. :)

They spent the next few days in eachother's presence, every waking moment in fact. And both had the feeling that some big changes were coming for them. On April 16th after another late night together( our late nights consisted of talking, ordering pizza, hanging out with roommates, and kissing of course,but that's it!) they sat in Jeff’s car in front of Amy’s house talking . He spoke of going to BYU and how he had been thinking that Amy should just go with him. You can imagine the leap that Amy's heart made at this comment. We all try and imagine who we will marry someday, and here he was, sitting next to her. They talked into the night about marriage and other important topics and when they parted it was 4 a.m. Though Amy had to work a mere 2 hours later, she was floating on air and barely felt the fatigue from the night before. Jeff hadn’t officially asked Amy to marry him, but she knew now that he would. Their love for each other was blossoming and it was only a matter of time. Amy was patient, though. She had waited 22 years to meet Jeff, she could wait a few more weeks to hear the words she longed to hear. However, she would not have to wait long.

Jeff’s plan to ask Amy for her hand in marriage was a simple one. He was fairly certain she would say yes, so normal doubts and fears were replaced by a desire to make it the perfect evening. He first needed to ask her parents for their permission. His opportunity arrived on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Stake conference (translation: twice a year we meet as a stake-all the local congregations gather to listen to talks) was being held at the Ellensburg Ward building which would mean that Amy’s parents would be there, since they still lived in Cle Elum at the time. After conference was over, Jeff and Amy stood around talking with acquaintances and Jeff quietly pulled Amy’s parents aside. ( how could I have not noticed the three of them disappearing together?)When they found a quiet room, Jeff sincerely asked Bonnie and Digby Granger if he could have Amy’s hand in marriage. Bonnie responded, with tears in her eyes, “You can have both her hands!” Amy’s parents could not be more overjoyed at this wonderful news. Amy was waiting down the hall, having no clue what had just transpired. That is until Bonnie came up to her with eyes shining and hugged Amy. Amy’s confusion was apparent until she heard Bonnie telling people she knew in the hallway that Jeff and Amy were getting married. Amy quickly pulled her mother aside and said “Mom, he hasn’t asked ME yet.” Bonnie felt a tiny bit silly, but her joy was more than any mother could bear.

With the news published for all to hear, Jeff would have to try and plan an evening with the knowledge Amy knew it would be happening ahead of time. This, however, did not daunt Jeff. HE planned a perfect evening up at Manastash ridge with Amy. He wrote a beautiful letter to Amy, sharing his feelings of love and devotion to her. He had recorded a tape with four songs that came to mean so much to both of them. They shared a bottle of Mystic and some ice cream bonbons-two of Amy’s favorite things at the time. He then proceeded to ask Amy to marry him-and she said yes! It was more ceremonial at this point, since Amy really had said yes to the question of marriage the moment she laid eyes on Jeff. But it was official. You have never seen two hearts bursting at the seams as the hearts of these two young lovers. Dreams were coming true for Amy, and Jeff felt he had found the perfect woman to be his wife.

Life was happening fast and there would be much to plan over the next few months. They wanted to get married before August and then they would move to Provo together where Jeff would go back to school at BYU. Amy was in seventh heaven with all of the planning of their wedding. To Jeff it was left to plan where they would spend their first night as husband and wife. They planned on the Oregon coast for their honeymoon, but Jeff wanted the perfect spot for their wedding night.

The morning of July 12th arrived with beautiful blue skies. It was a glorious day. Jeff and Amy were about to be husband and wife for all eternity. You could not have found a happier pair in all the world at that moment. The wedding ceremony held all of the hopes and dreams that either of them had ever had. Amy felt tears come to her eyes the moment she and Jeff entered the sealing room.(in Mormon temples, couples are married for time and all eternity. Not just until death. We call this being sealed, because it is a binding covenant that the couple makes with eachother and with God) All she could do was look into the eyes of her sweetheart. There was no fear or doubt for either of them. Just the reassurance of joining together for all eternity.

Afterwards there was to be a luncheon in their honor and then they would go on to the Pension Anna. It was a wonderful bed and breakfast in Leavenworth, WA that Jeff had found to take his darling to for their wedding night. They were both a little nervous but excited to be together as husband and wife. The plan that Heavenly Father has for all of us is one of joy in the joining of two people sealed together for time and all eternity. And Jeff and Amy experienced that joy. Their lives together had begun, gloriously, beautifully, eternally.

And they truly lived, Happily Ever After.

Not the end.

So, I hope this wasn't a let down. I originally wrote this just for Jeff. It was not meant to be rich with all the little details, or include parts of conversations that we shared, or some of the drama that comes with getting married and planning a wedding,. Because I knew that he knew it all as well. It was meant to be a romantic anniversary gift, where he could have in writing, some of the feelings I experience as we dated.

The rest of the story grows more complicated and amazing as we have experienced so much together.

I think the most incredible part for many people, when they hear about how we met and got married, is that from the moment we met until the time we got engaged was only 3 weeks. And then we were married 3 months after that.

That's right folks. We only knew eachother 3 1/2 months before we got married. This is where I can firmly say that God answers prayers. We hardly knew eachother, there is no dispute there. But we knew enough, and had prayed to know if we should marry eachother. And I know that part of Jeff's answer was that there were no surprises that would be bad surprises. Hopefully he still feels that way. We had our first child 1 year and 3 months after we got married(which WAS a surprise to both of us). We have done everything quickly it seems.

But it turned out the way it all should.

And we've only just begun. 14 years is a drop in the bucket in terms of our lifetimes.

And I couldn't imagine sharing my life, or my eternity with anyone else.

I wish the same for all of you.


  1. I already knew this story, or most of it, but it was fun to read. I remember thinking "3 weeks! seriously?" But you knew so much more than me.

    So happy for you two and the wonderful life you've built together.

  2. You guys are one of the most amazing couples! I will always love Jeff, not just because he is so funny and such an impressive dancer, but because he loves my best friend so much. :) I will never forget walking home from the institute that night with you telling me you would marry him.

    Love you guys!

  3. ahhh so wonderful!!! great ending....

  4. I remember all of the kids in our family siding with our mom to tease our dad about breaking up with her it was the second year we lived here. ;)

  5. I'm really glad you guys got married. If you didn't, well, then I wouldn't even be here to make this comment.

  6. Beautiful! I think everyone who knows you knows this story and your relationship to be as true as true can be!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a great love story! Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Amy,
    I love you more each day!
    Thanks for sharing this again. It was the best anniversary gift, ever! Life keeps getting better, too!



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