Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When it rains it.......

Pours? Some days.

This is how my day started yesterday. Not just weather-wise but events as well.

On the way to work Jeff's front left tire fell off. Luckily he had noticed something was weird and he had stopped and discovered the loose tire. Without the proper tools he tried to drive home slowly, but as he pulled onto Highway 169 his tire fell off and promptly rolled into oncoming traffic.

He was able to put the spare on and make it home. But in his own words "he needed to come home and mope for a little while."

Then yesterday afternoon, as I sat waiting to pick Julia up from an afterschool activity, smoke started billowing out from under the hood of my minivan.

I just started laughing. Really? Both in the same day? Jeff was in Bellevue, so my brother came and helped me. It ends up a hose sprung a leak and was spraying coolant all over. So he filled it up with water and sent me on my way. Oh, after he jump started my car since I forgot to turn off my lights as I sat there and waited.

But, in case you think this is just a whine fest on my part, it's really not.

I realized, with clarity, that yesterday was not a bad day. It was an amazing day. It was the most fantastic day ever.

Because Jeff's tire fell off when he was only going 5 miles an hour. And not later when he would have been going 65 on the freeway. I don't even want to think about that.

And the hose in my van sprung a leak while I was parked, only 3 miles from my brother's house instead of while I was out grocery shopping, or on the freeway somewhere. And I have an awesome brother and nephew who were there in 5 minutes.

So usually when it rains it pours. But not yesterday. Yesterday, when it rained it shined.

And I am so grateful.


  1. To see a rainbow instead of just rain speaks highly of your ability to appreciate life to its fullest. Grateful, humbled, loved, blessed, and more.

  2. I needed to read this today. Thank you!

  3. You are truly amazing! I love you! Thank you for your inspiring thoughts today! This keeps it all in perspective. We are blessed.

  4. Wow you amaze me the way you can always find the rainbows in the storms of life:)

  5. Wonderful perspective. Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. and I am grateful that I got to be in the Temple with your beautiful daughter yesterday. I am glad hat she and Laurel are friends ~ and we need to conspire -- I mean we need encourage them to get together MORE OFTEN!!!

    i love your Pollyanna Attitude. The Glad Game. we should watch that movie sometime...


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