Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

We have 1 o'clock church, so we don't get home until around 4:30. Which basically means Nora doesn't go down for her nap at the regular time.

Yesterday I thought that I would just have her skip the nap and go to bed early.

Well as I was making dinner, I looked over at the table and saw that she had crawled up onto a chair with her blankie and her fingers in her mouth. She could barely keep her eyes open, and she looked sort of dazed and definitely in need of her mamma.

So I left the mixer going, whipping up the potatoes,and went and scooped her up into my arms. It took her exactly 30 seconds to fall asleep.

As I sat there, smelling her head and kissing her chubby cheeks, I had time to really listen to my house. To hear the sounds and feel the atmosphere of our home.

I could hear Kate playing the piano (she graciously took a moment to take this picture for me).

I could hear Anne Marie and Henry giggling upstairs. Which they did all day without fighting.

From where I sat I could be audience to Julia in
the living room, practicing her clarinet.

And out the window of the family room I could both see and hear Jeff and Charlie kicking the soccer ball around.

At this moment, I really felt how blessed I am.

I took a deep, satisfying breath and I could feel my heart swell in my chest. I hugged Nora tighter and decided I couldn't care less that the potatoes were being whipped to a very weird creamy texture.

All that mattered was this moment of bliss that I was being given. All that mattered was my little family, happily living life in our home.

And that's what matters, is recognizing these moments when they are given to us, and being grateful for them.

And in case you're wondering, the potatoes were fine. Weird, but fine.
And the trade off was totally worth it.


  1. Beautiful picture. Sometimes you just gotta hug on those little ones.

  2. I LOVE when I have a moment like the one you described. All of your troubles melt away for the time being... Who knew that having a family of your own could create so much love.. it is truely amazing!!
    Love you...

  3. Awwww - this makes me want to come and visit you - I want to meet the other 4 kids. In my mind, Kate and Julia are still a toddler and a baby, respectively. You're awesome, Amy, and I could feel the spirit of your home via this post - I almost felt like I was there with you, and it was a great feeling!

  4. weird potatoes are totally worth it.

    I LOVE this picture!


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