Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Princess and her chocolate dip

Once upon a time, on the way home from our Financial Freedom class, Jeff and I decided to surprise the kids with Dilly Bars from the local DQ.

Pretty nice of us, huh? Well, this particular evening, I decided I wanted a Blizzard, a Blizzard that I would have to eat before we got home so that the kids wouldn't know I got a Blizzard when they just got Dilly Bars.

Well, selfishness aside, on this splendidly rainy evening, I could not decide what kind of Blizzard I wanted.

They have like a million flavors, you know.

I was feeling like something fruity/chocolatey, but had not tried the Chocolate Covered strawberry before and I wanted to know what was in it.

So dearest Jeff asked the guy at the drive thru what was in it, and I sat there wishing "please let it have chocoate dip, please let it have chocolate dip".(chocolate dip is what they dip their chocolate dip cones in. If you put it in a blizzard it gets cold and breaks apart, kind of like magic shell. Yummy.)

It didn't have it.

So then I wanted Jeff to ask what was in the Chocolate Covered Cherrie Blizzard. "please let it have chocolate dip, please let it have chocolate dip".

It didn't have it either.

By this time, there is a line forming behind us and I am still staring at the menu. I wanted the Chocolate Covered strawberry, but only if it had chocolate dip in it. So I was stumped.

Jeff is starting to get embarassed by me and all my questions and time taking. So he told me to hurry up and decide.

Well, secretly, I wanted to ask them to put chocolate dip in my Blizzard, but I was afraid to ask Jeff to ask them. So I just ordered the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Blizzard.

As we sat waiting in the huge line, I said to him "I really want them to put chocolate dip in it, but I didn't want you to be annoyed at me for asking you to ask them. "

So ensued a conversation about how Jeff should treat me like a Princess, and if the Princess wants chocolate dip in her Blizzard, then the kindly husband should willingly, eagerly try and meet her request and not make her feel silly for wanting it.

Is that so much to ask?

Jeff looked at me for about half a second and burst out laughing. I think simply because I referred to myself as a Princess and the words "her majesty" might have escaped my lips.

However, he was convinced, and when we got to the window he asked them if they could add chocolate dip to my Blizzard.

And you know what? My wish was granted. And it was the best Blizzard I have ever had.

Every girl needs a Knight in Shining Armour to battle for her chocolate dip.

But more importantly, you have to let the Knight know what you want, otherwise you're just a sad, disappointed Princess with a regular 'ol Blizzard and no chocolate dip.

The End.


  1. Amy, I just happened to be browsing thru blogs and came upon yours. I don't know you but I sure enjoyed your posts (the half dozen or so that I read) and am amazed that you have the energy to deal with six kids. You are an entertaining writer and please know that you gave me a few smiles and giggles today on my lunch hour while I read your blog. Keep it up. :-) Ellen

  2. yum....Blizzard. chocolate dip. I can taste it now despite the fact that I am madly chomping on Minty Gum (you know, because my mouth is bored and wants m&ms).

  3. point well taken - i need to try that more often!


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