Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Yesterday morning, I had to quickly say goodbye to a friend I was talking on the phone to.

Why? Because I heard water running. Which is never good.

When I rounded the corner, this is what I found.

Most of the kitchen floor, the island and the counters around the sink were covered in about half an inch of water.

It was not awesome.

So who could have done such a thing?

Was it...

Or could it have been.....

It was neither of these. Although I think Thing One and Thing Two may be related to the culprits.

Any guesses?

If you guessed Henry and Nora, you would be right.
You obviously know them well by now.

You'd think I would know them well enough by now to realize they should never be left alone. Or be allowed to eat after midnight.

Wait, now I'm getting them confused with Gremlins. Which, I guess is understandable.

But definitely, they should not be left alone. Or be given sharp things or things with ink in them, or things connected to water.

Boy, do I know how to suck the joy out of childhood or what?

It's a gift.


  1. i don't think that this will begin to cover it -- but I am SO sorry!!


  2. With kids, all things are possible!

  3. Not fun! I am sending you an extra mop through the blogs to help clean up:)Kids can be so cute one minute and not so much the next. I hope you have a great day its nice to be back and read your adventures!

  4. Pretty sure that gremlins have made an appearance at my house as well. They are probably the ones that dumped all the laundry out of my laundry baskets the other day. Had to be them. None of my children would ever do anything like that :)


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