Thursday, May 6, 2010

Reviews needed. Please help!!

Ok, so with a bum ankle, my running career is put on hold. But I still need to exercise and my ankle has improved enough to where I think I may be able to start power walking.

But I have a question about a product available for walkers.

Have you seen those funky shoes with the crazy curved soles?

MBT, Skechers and some others make them. They're supposed to be the end all be all in walking apparel and they claim to tone your hind end, thighs and calves faster than wearing regular ol' walking shoes.

So I want to know if it's true. Do they really do what they claim to do? Have you noticed faster weight loss or toning up as opposed to walking without them?

If they really work, then I wouldn't balk at spending the 100 + bucks for them. But if they're just a trend with no real science behind them, well then I can spend my money more wisely for sure.

So if you own them, or know of anyone who does, will you leave a comment and tell me what you/they think?

This is for posterity so please, try to be completely honest. (Any Princess Bride fans out there? )
*!Virtual high five !*


  1. I'm excited to see the comments..I've wondered about those suckers as well.

  2. I think my Aunt Kim has those shoes. You should ask her.

  3. From the New Balance website:
    "...the heel to toe rocking motion demands a greater range of front to back motion and can increase muscle use up to 27%. Also, the soft material in the sole unit simulates walking on sand, making your muscles work harder which can lead to up to an 8% increase in calorie burning over traditional walking shoes."

    More info found here:

  4. From the "fitness world" it is a no from what the word on the street is.... lol
    BUT if it will get more women active and moving I am all for it...

    HOWEVER.. I have a friend who says her feet and back hurt less since wearing them....

  5. A girl at work wears them all the time. She has the walking shoes and the boots so she can look cuter at work but still wear them 24/7. She is 40 and also works out, but she is in the best shape of her life and the most toned for sure. She loves the shoes, and would totally recommend them.

  6. I know a lady who got them before they were popular...for medical reasons. She had to learn to wear them. She eased into them 2 hours at a time til she could wear them all day. She loved them when she finally worked up to all day.

  7. My girlfriend has them and she loves them!! She says that her feet and knee's don't hurt NEARLY as much when she wears them and she feels more toned too. She is wearing them almost every day to work

  8. I have the Sketchers version. I got them 6 months ago after having Alexander. Whether or not they help you lose weight...who knows? Yes, I lost weight while wearing them, but I also had just had a would be impossible to know what to attribute it to. However, I did have this adorable pair of boots I bought on impulse after I had Nathan. Got home, and they wouldn't zip over my calves. So I tucked them away in the closet. Every six months or so I would pull them luck. But, I just pulled them out a month ago (after wearing my Sketchers all the's too hot for me to wear them now, though) and the boots zipped right up with room to spare. And I haven't lost much more weight, so I think I can safely say they did help tone my calves. (I also had a gift card that paid for half of them...I was much more willing to try them for $50!)


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