Thursday, January 7, 2010

Today is your Birthday Jeff!!!!

Today in history...

35 years ago.....

Donald Jeffrey Allen was born.

To goodly parents.

In San Diego California.

He was a huge baby.

Over 11 pounds.

Another reason we were destined for eachother.

I was over 11 pounds at birth as well.

Our poor mothers.

17 years ago....

Jeff was a senior in high school, ASB president, honor student, all around good guy. Preparing to go to BYU.

16 years ago.....

Jeff left to fulfill a life long dream, to serve a 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints.

14 years ago....

Jeff turned 21. He was getting ready to come home from that 2 year mission to Brazil.

He had no idea that a short 2 months and 20 days later he would meet the woman he would marry.

And that 3 1/2 months after that he would be married.

12 years ago....

At the age of 23 Jeff was the father of a 3 month old baby.

Fatherhood suited him well.

So he decided (with some help from Amy) that 5 more children were in order.

And so fatherhood continued at the ages of 24, 26(and graduating from BYU), 27, 31, and 33.

In the midst of that, was a move to Rhode Island. Taking a risk that paid off for him and his family through growth, experience, and a togetherness that lasts to this day. And at the age of 32, Jeff graduated from MBA school.

With 5 children and a wife in tow.

And now here, at 35, life is good. Life is grand! Life is immeasurably good.

Because he is Adored. Admired. Appreciated. Awesome. Amazing.

And Alive!

Alive with goofiness that we all love.

Alive with intelligence and cleverness.

Witty and talented.

Entertaining and loving.

Smiley and full of warmth.

And full of a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that has led to his good decisions, immense blessings, and willingness to go and do what the Lord wants him to do.

Yours, my dear dear husband, is a charmed life.

And we, your family, are so grateful to be living it with you.

All our love, all our joy, all our happiness and gratitude is wrapped up with yours.

We love you, beyond measure.

Happy Birthday Jeff!


  1. I always remember my first Sunday at the branch in the burg, Jeff spoke and introduced you as his wife to be. I was so envious!

    Congrats on building a beautiful life together. Happy Birthday Jeff!

  2. What a great birthday post. I love it.

  3. What a nice flash back on your lives. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday Jeff! I have to agree with all the good stuff Amy said and add that Jeff has been exceptional his whole life. He is truly a chosen spirit!

  5. Happy Birthday Jeff!!!! I will always love you for marrying my sister and making her so happy. You are the best! (plus, you can grow some dang good wolverine hair as well-what's not to love?)

  6. Bonnie (Jeff's mother-in-law)January 7, 2010 at 6:27 PM

    Jeff and Amy are a match truly made in Heaven!! Amen to all the wonderful things said about Jeff.

  7. Happy Birthday Jeff! I hope you had a fun day!

  8. When I describe you two to anyone, I always start with: Jeff was the coveted, cute, sincerely nice rm...and he only had eyes for beautiful Amy. I remember what a gong show it was when jeff came back...but that first sunday, when I was sitting in the front row next to you, I could feel it, too. Just the way you were looking at him up there speaking with your cute little barettes - and the way he was looking back. You did have second thoughts at that dance when he wore the Donald Duck shirt though, right? :) Love you guys!

  9. Well, this post and all your comments made me feel pretty good! Thinking back over the years it has been wonderful! I was 21 and Amy was 22 when it started for us.... But it goes back longer than that....

    I've seen that smile somewhere before. -Jeff

    I've heard your voice before. -Amy

    It seems we've talked like this before. -Together

    I love you Amy!

    (BTW, it was a Daffy Duck shirt, and it was cool, right? you were kidding, right?)

  10. So sweet, Amy!!! And we love you too, Jeff!!!!! I would give ANYTHING to see your Napolian Dynamite run one more time!!!!


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