Monday, January 18, 2010

Favorite time

Take one of these-

Combine her with a blankie and a rocking chair, and you have my favorite time of day.

Almost every night, I am fortunate enough to put Nora to bed.

Sometimes it starts with a bath followed by lavender lotion and jammies.

Then I grab her blankie out of her crib, tell her to pick out a story and then she runs excitedly to pick her book and then snuggle onto my lap.

But that's not the best part.

After we read a story, I turn off the light, roll her over so she is laying on me, cover her in her blankie, and I rock her.

She sticks her two favorite fingers in her mouth, nestles her head against my chest, and we rock.

Sometimes it lasts until she falls asleep.

I can hear her snorty little breathing as I kiss the top of her head.

Sometimes, she lets me rock her for all of 30 seconds before she points to her crib.

But still, it's my favorite time of day.

Me, my baby, and the smell of lavender lotion.

Did I mention that my baby is 18 months old now?

Where does the time go?

How long will she let me rock her?

Till she's 18 I hope.


  1. You and your brother and sister were all rocked to sleep as babies. My thought was that you would all feel the love and comfort as you went to sleep. It was a sweet time to watch a little face slowly drift into dreamland.

  2. That was so beautifully written I wanted to snuggle too! Thanks for commenting on my last post on my blog. I love your insight and you make me feel better. The situation has gotten a bit better but I think it will need lots of prayers!

  3. Amy...I LOVE your blog! You have such a wonderful gift for writing! I wish I could capture my thoughts as well as you's amazing. Your blog will be such a wonderful keepsake for your kids. I loved this post and can so relate to it. Nora will be so glad you captured this special moment. I miss and love you!


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