Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On my Mind Today


No matter how much I know that an egg white omlette and no flour bread is the better option for me, no matter that I can go days without eating any white stuff, muffins will always get me.

I made scratch muffins this morning. And the smell is killing me. They could be blueberry, or chocolate chip or pumpkin or cranberry walnut, it mattereth not. I will drool and hover over warm muffins anytime, any place.

And when my kids leave the slightly crunchy edges on their plates? Well that just does me in, that's the best part!


I love them and hate them.

Secondly-I think I'm annoying.

Occasionally I think I can see it in someone's eyes, that they are wishing I would be quiet.
Or wondering why I am so weird.
Or why I talk with my hands so much.
Or something.

I'm pretty sure I wear on people's nerves, my incessant talking, asking questions, complaining, describing in detail things no one else cares about.

And then I begin to get paranoid that I'm being left out on purpose, I mean I am pretty irritating. So who could handle me for more than an hour at a time?


In the last week I sprained my foot, rammed my van into a HUGE rock while trying to park, almost rolled my van while navigating a curve, and then dropped the lid to my brand spankin new touchless garbage can and broke it. I think I have lost my balancing ability. If I ever had it to begin with.

Oh, this would go along with complaining too much, hense being annoying. Sorry.

Fourthly-Topics of conversation

Jeff and I always have interesting conversations. Lots of laughter, lots of thought provoking topics, and occasionally some honesty that is hard to hear. But I love talking to him. He always makes me feel smart and insightful and loved.

Last night we discussed a little of what makes people truly happy. Sometimes one of us will feel down about stuff, and hopefully the other person is in a good place to help the other feel better.

In this case, sometimes deciding between two good options can seem equally as difficult as no choices at all.

Your desire to pick the right thing, to head yourself straight for you destiny, looms above you and you get caught in the worry over which is the better choice. Sometimes to the point of not being able to make a decision.

I believe we are all predestined for some kind of greatness. It may not be in the way we imagined, or the in the same way as other people's greatness. I will never invent anything that will change humankind, I will never lead a country or win a Nobel Peace Prize, of this I am sure.

But that doesn't mean I won't do great things within my sphere of influence. Even if they're small things, they can still be great.

Fifthly- A Plug.

For Weight Watchers.

If you know me at all, you will know that I am a teensy bit obsessive about eating, weight loss, exercising, etc. Just a teensy bit :)

Well, after 6 children, and being in my mid thirties, I had convinced myself that I was never going to lose the baby weight. That age was working against me. Which it was to some degree. It seems I cannot eat as much at 35 as I did at 27 and still lose weight. Who knew?

But I now know I was eating too much, not by a lot, but enough to just maintain, and not lose.

Enter Weight Watchers. I joined, and have lost a pleasant amount of weight in the 8 weeks I have been a member. I feel normal on it, if that's possible. No food is off limits, you just have to work it into your daily food budget, basically.

So anyway, I'm a fan. And when I have reached my goal, I will post before and after pictures, but don't be looking for that for a while, maybe a long while.

Sixthly-I'm done.

Just wanted to let you in on the frantic-ness of my head, and some of the things I think about. To some of you it will endear you to me more. To those that I annoy, well, I will continue to annoy, which makes me wonder, why are you reading this?


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  2. The only muffins that aren't good are "meadow muffins" so just enjoy using the nifty taste buds we were given to enjoy your kids' little muffin left-overs.
    Your readers need to know that your birthday is day after tomorrow, Jan 15. All equally wonderful people who know you will also surely agree you are an incredible person. You are having a great influence on your family and friends, showing us all how to always strive to be a good, kind, loving, spiritual, generous, thoughtful person.
    When you were 6 years old and choked on candy your teacher gave you, it was your Heavenly Father who sent the school janitor to dislodge that candy and save your life. But for that simple act your 6 beautiful children may not have been born to you and Jeff.
    What a terrific woman you are!! Your Dad & I are very proud of you.

  3. You're totally not annoying. I read your blog when I feel sad, or lonely, or wonder if anyone feels the way I do. I always feel better after I read your posts and see your family. I'm a ghost reader of your blog. I'm commenting today because I really miss you. You are a great and true person...and of course, a kindred spirit as well.

  4. Secondly-I have NEVER found you to be annoying. I have always enjoyed being with you and love that we have interests in common. (that makes it even more fun to talk!) You are a great addition to our family and I love you.

  5. I think your great and I want you to know it! I always find myself clicking on your blog when I need a good laugh and you never disappoint! I love the crusty parts of muffins and I am a bread junkie! I love weight watchers and need to join back up and start feeling good again. Good luck and keep smiling cause we all love ya!

  6. How could you be annoying to me when we are so much alike? alike you say???? Yes, alike but yet different.. at different ends of the spectrum...except we are BOTH wonderful women! I love you

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  8. In case I forget,which I more than likely will...Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. You look like a...oh, wait. That's not right...sorry. Happy birthday dear Amy, happy birthday to you! I hope you have a wonderful day. Too bad for you you're a WHOLE year older than me now. Okay. Fine. It's not even six months. But I'm still basking in my mid thirties, while you just suddenly hit your LATE thirties. JUST KIDDING!!!

  9. You make me smile.

    Weight Watchers did wonders for e. I'm excited to see the before and after pics!

    And even though I haven't been in the same room with you for years, I always loved our conversations. Never annoying, just right.

  10. amy, i love you! i had to read the "annoying" bit to my husband, all the while telling him: that's why we were great roommates and great friends! he just rolled his eyes at me and kept watching the office :).

  11. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday today! I hope you have a wonderful day:)

  12. In no way shape or form are you annoying!! Somewhere in all the details and rambels is a profound thought. So you should keep talking to much because it makes us smile!!

    Plus your right you probably wont run a nation or get a noble peace prize. Neither will I. But you are an amazing mother raising 6 beautiful children who can be those things and more. I personally think thats better then maybe being those things because you are the one to mold them to achive there greatness. It was through you that they got there.

    Your awesome Amy!!!!


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