Tuesday, January 26, 2010

La la the goat dog

Images like the one below have become a common occurence around our house lately.

Image from

Chewed shoes, tippy cups, bottles, paper, kids toys, dvds, metal spoons, pine cones, you name it, he's chewed it.

I thought only goats ate anything?

It seems our dog does too.

The real kicker is that Nora only says a few words. And none of them are mommy, daddy or any of her siblings names. I don't think anything in her babble even resembles any of our names.

And then the dog comes along. She can't say Lucky, but she has made her preference clear, and currently calls him La la. I'd take La la if she was actually talking about me. But no, she loves the dog. The dog who eats anything.

La la the goat dog.

Man, or in this case, girl's best friend.


  1. some ideas...
    (we used the STERN words "LEAVE IT!" with a clap)

    and this was good, too...

    Our 2nd dog, Shadow, is a chewer. A massive chewer. That is her "job" apparently. So we know if we leave things down, she'll eat them (or at least attempt to).

    If you give your LaLa soft (stuffed) toys, know that this may confuse her in the end, and she (he? i can't remember) may try to eat all the teddy bears.

    Rawhide chews are great. So are squeakies...though Shadow's other 'job' is that she will chew, squeak, search, and disable the squeak. In about 35 seconds.

    we should walk the dogs together sometime. :)

  2. I so remember that stage. We walked out to the living room one morning to find that are beloved pooch and eaten threw the Titanic VHS tapes and there was black tape strung EVERYWHERE around the room. The horror!

    Hang in there. It gets better. And at least he's adorable!

  3. Ice cubes, frozen wash clothes, the nylabone thing. He is teething, bored, wants attention and is a puppy! Funny that she calls him LALa. Your Grandmother Morrison was called LaLa until the day she died my Aunty Ann's kids!!I hope she hasn't be reincarnated as Capt. Lucky Jack... oh I would have nightmares over that one! I will come over to see you one of these days again!

  4. love the la la name so cute! sorry its not the mama yet maybe soon!

  5. Oh Amy I'm right there with ya. And I've watched a ba-jillion dog whisperer episodes. It's getting a little better since he's one now!


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