Monday, January 4, 2010


I think I am redefining insanity.

It involves one part crazy-which is totally different-one part want to change the world, and one part can't always forsee the consequences.

We got a dog.

A puppy.

A lab/malamute mix puppy.

He chews everything, poops in the house, licks me to death, and has huge paws.

We love him.

I fought to keep him. Fought to have him part of our family. Fought for this cuckoo little dog that will grow, eat a ton, and destroy my furniture.

The crazy part was getting him in the first place, the changing the world part was wanting to teach my children about love for Heavenly Father's creatures along with some responsibility, the consequences part comes as I realize that this dog is so much work that my house and laundry may may never be clean again and I may never get to leave my house on weekdays.

Seriously, I'm insane.

And no, I'm not going to say something cheesy like I'm insane for this little dog.
Cuz I'm not.
I love him, but I didn't forsee the explosion of crazy thoughts he induces.
Combine him with a son that's potty training and two babies in diapers(one is mine, one is this little darling) and already today I have cleaned up 2 piles of dog poo, one pile of Henry poo, one puddle of Henry pee, and and changed 4 diapers.

I'm pretty sure life doesn't get any better. :)


  1. SO CUTE!!!

    I almost nabbed a free puppy at Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve...they were gorgeous, and FREE, and I was so tempted but Brad would have killed me. We are already the proud owners of a 100 lb chocolate lab that is as lazy as can be. But we love her!

    Have fun. What's his name?

  2. I'm so jealous. But I do keep procrastinating diving into the potty training with Russel because of having to clean up so much bodily waste. I think I need to toughen up.

  3. so have you decided to keep him?? He's beautiful ~ and believe it or not, it does get better.

    Have you taken a "training" class? They're as much for the People peoples as they are for the Dog Peoples.

    And if you do send him to a new Forever Home. And one day you decided to get a new dog ~ go get one that's about a year old from the Humane Society or the local pound (do we have one here??). They are amazing dogs!

  4. When you said "seven kids and a dog" in your comment today, I thought - "You got a dog?! Are you crazy!?" And sure enough. You are. And your kids will love you for it forever. Remember Edgar? Haha.

  5. What's not to love about Lucky? He is such a calm, loving puppy as well as a very smart one. He is very lucky to have so many kids (& their Mom) who adore him. He may eventually even capture Jeff's heart!

  6. Our beloved yellow lab Max lasted in our home until Charlie was about 7 months old...and I was literally insane. Anyhoo...bad bout of hormones, mixed with exhaustion and possibly some lingering post-partum - I was SICK of having 4 children. I was TIRED of being the only one to walk him, run him and clean up his poop. So I ran an ad, conducted interviews, and chose a loving empty-nest couple who treat him like royalty. I'm all for you keeping Lucky - dogs are a wonderful addition for a family in SO many ways. Just sayin' I know where you're at now - and I applaud you. I was not up to it...and we still miss him.


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