Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yet another birthday

So, I'm back.
I'm well.
I can walk.
Yay for me!

But most importantly, my oldest child turned 12 yesterday.
Yes, 12.

This means a lot of things.

It means middle school.
Which means no more walking her to and from the bus stop.
Parents don't do that in middle school, I have been told.

It means no more Primary. She is now in Young Women's.
It means other people can ask her to babysit.
It means she wears makeup.
It means facing different challenges and events in life that make everything you've gone through before pale in comparison.

But that is how life works.
When you are in middle school, you think back with fondness on how easy elementary school was.
When you are in high school, suddenly middle school is remembered as especially simple.
When you are in college, the work load of high school seems minor.

Of course there are all sorts of perks to growing up.
For one: Your mother can meet you at the bus stop with balloons and flowers and embarass you with tons of love and attention.

Oh, wait. That's a perk for ME.

I think she was more happy than embarassed, really.

And I hope so, she deserves happiness.

Kate is the easiest 12 year old anyone could ask for.
She is always willing to help.
Very rarely rolls her eyes.
Loves her younger brothers and sisters.
Babysits whenever we ask.
Easy going, content, and understanding.
Kind and gracious, and so dang beautiful, it's frightening.

All this deserves something extra special, over the top.
At least it's extra special, over the top for our family.

It's an Ipod Touch.

I think she is happy about it.
Yes, those are happy tears.

The evening was pretty great. She made it easy on me.
For her birthday menu she requested homemade lasagna and apple crisp with vanilla ice cream for dessert.
Done and done.

I'm thinking she will remember her 12th birthday for years to come.
I know I will.


  1. I'm glad that you're back! I've missed you. Another thing growing up means in fashion. Are those 'skinny jeans'?! Ahhh. Help me. I know, everyone wears them. But really? And I LOVE that she cried over the ipod. That right there says what a wonderful girl she is. You truly are blessed to have her.

  2. Yeah, I really like those skinny jeans.

    Hi mom! I'm typing this from Digital Explorations at school. Although I probably shouldn't be....

  3. Grandpa and I saw Kate get off the bus and see her Mom and 2 brothers with balloons and flowers while the whole bus cheered. We saw Kate open her gift, cry, smile, blow out candles, and be the always beautiful girl she is. Today, without searching, I came upon her birth announcement and baby picture with red hair. Kate is a girl whose beauty runs deep. She is everything her Mom described her to be. We love her.

  4. I cannot believe that Kate is 12! She is an amazing kid, I mean young woman. Love you Kate!

  5. Happy Birthday Kate!!!


  6. Happy Birthday Kate! You are such a beautiful young woman! How lucky you are to have such great parents!

  7. wow you have a 12 year old! That is really crazy and cool at the same time.

  8. Happy Birthday Kate! I have to say that every good thing your Mom said about you is true......You are truly a Beautiful Young Woman, inside and out, and I am incredibly proud of you. Our family is blessed to have you. Love, Grandma Allen

  9. Remember pushing Kate and Taylor at the mall to get out of the house and we only had Kate and Tay? It seems like yesterday. Tay has NO intrest in make up and has in the last 2 weeks begun asking me to flat iron her hair (finally)....our babies are no more. There is something about your first being grown....I love that I got to see the beginning years to her life. It makes seeing her 12 NOT seem possible! Give her a HUGE hug from me...


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