Thursday, October 8, 2009


The following timeline is based on real events. (imagine Law and Order guy voice)

Thursday Oct. 1-Nora throws up all over her crib and herself
Friday Oct. 2-Nora throws up all over her crib and herself and numerous spots on the carpet.
Saturday Oct. 3-Nora throws up all over her crib and herself
Sunday Oct. 4-Nora throws up all over her crib and herself
Monday Oct. 5-Charlie throws up, stays home from school
Tuesday Oct. 6-Charlie throws up again, stays home from school
Kate stays home with fever, headache and stuffy nose.
Wednesday Oct. 7-Henry Throws up all over sofa pillow, throws up all over office carpet.
Charlie doesn't throw up, but stays home just in case.
Thursday Oct. 8-2 a.m.-Charlie throws up again
8 a.m.-Charlie stays home again
8:25 a.m.-So far Henry hasn't thrown up. Just waiting it out.

So that just leaves Kate, Julia and Anne Marie. I figure if it lasts 4 days for each person, we have approximately 2 more weeks of steady vomiting before this clears the household. And that's IF Jeff and I don't get it.

Welcome to the world of large families, otherwise known as the life and times of those who continually have some sort of virus circulating through the house and family members.

Breath mint, anyone?


  1. Our lives are ridiculously similar right now...hope it clears out soon!

  2. ugh! I'm so sorry!! Could be could have been in Target! (remember that???) and the worker who gave us dirty looks for grabbing a roll of papertowels off the shelf and ripping into them? Oh, I hope you can laugh about that now!!

    Good luck and I hope everyone feels better soon. (and I'm glad your back is feeling better, too)

  3. I'm soooo sorry.......

  4. YUCK!!! I am dreading Emma starting the throw-up thing without knowing ahead of time. I think vomitting is probably the WORST thing. Are you getting the "E.T" syndrome? I always feel like I am sick when my kids are throwing up. I hope you and Jeff don't get it!

  5. Oh Amy.... this is my absolute worse thing I could imagine ever happening!!!! You are so much more well equipt for this....I hope it clears out FAST!!!!!! Iwould rather give birth without drugs again than have vomiting in my home.... :(


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