Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween's a coming!

Have I shown you this picture? You're in for a treat.
(I made it so that you can click on it to see it bigger. You MUST see it bigger)

This is reason 829 why I love this man:He LOVES Halloween. He is willing to dress up in the spirit of fun and Halloween good-time-ness.

The year was 2006, he went as Sid Vicious, of the Sex Pistols.
I went as a groupie. His groupie that had just had a baby 4 weeks before. So don't judge her, ok?

We went to a BYU MBA Halloween party dressed up like this.
It was awesome.

And in case you were wondering, he wore my clothes. All of it. Mine.
In order to achieve the proper tightness, and authenticity, he borrowed from my closet.

DId I mention I love this man?


  1. So, what are you going to be THIS year?? Do we all have to wait for the Halloween post?? ;-)

  2. these pictures are classic amy & jeff! i still have one of the two of you smooching in the living room of 311 south are wearing a long white dress shirt, and jeff may have been wearing a donald duck t-shirt underneath a forest-green hoodie. too cute, you are.

  3. You guys are HILARIOUS!!! And I think you look great 4 weeks after having a baby!


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