Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Family pictures

So, my mom was the highest bidder at a auction at church. She won a portrait sitting for our entire family. Grandma and grandpa their children and their grandchildren. I'm giving you the viewing pleasure of just a few of ours.

We like eachother.

We REALLY like eachother.

We REALLY, REALLY like eachother.

And we have 6 beautiful kids to show for it.

All the girls had some sort of red on.
Anne Marie had red and white striped tights.
Kate had a red flower in her hair.
Julia had red shoes.
Nora was fabulous in red.
I wore really cool red shoes.
Too bad you can't see them.
But at least my arms are red from the cold.

So I still matched.


  1. I love them all!!!!!!!!and YES you do look in love....

  2. Beautiful! It's amazing to see the family you've created since the last time I saw you there was only Kate! You have a lovely family.

  3. These are beautiful. You all look so nice.

  4. Just Gorgeous!! All of you!

  5. I love them you guys are such a cute family!

  6. Great pictures!! Love the colors you choose!

  7. Fun pictures! I love them all:)

  8. LOVE these pictures and it's amazing to see all your kids together! Wow. What a beautiful family. I miss you guys.


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