Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Childhood 101

Being the mother of 6 children, I feel that I am experienced enough to pass on some of my wisdom to you. (If you haven't died laughing from my use of the word wisdom in association with myself, then keep reading)

Here is something I have learned:

If you wait until 2:00 in the afternoon to feed your child lunch, they will most definitely find it themselves.

Oh, and it's definitely ok that some kids just don't like to wear pants.

Boy, am I full of wisdom or what?


  1. Ha ha ha ha This is funny!!!!! Reminds me of when Charlie got into the syrup (?).... boys are soooooo adorably naughty!!!!! But can absolutly melt your heart!!!!!
    I love you...and am going to call you SOON!!!

  2. HILARIOUS! At least he's much better than a whiner!

  3. At least he leaves his diaper on! Too cute!!!

  4. Full of my kinda wisdom for sure. Also, I guess if it's cloudy a lot there you would miss the Utah sky. It is nice, but I can't hardly go outside until after dinner because the sun is soooo blinding! I miss my trees!

  5. I'm just glad that your floor looks as "good" as mine. :) Ahhh. Motherhood. Remember when we had a clean house? I think I did - once.

  6. OKay... Aunt Amy? Emily and I set up a thingy so we didn't have to use anonymous anymore, but it came out Megan & Emily accidently. Just know it is us, Megan and emily

  7. Sorry, in the last comment i messed up. But you can tell what our accidental name came out as right?


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