Monday, May 18, 2009


On Friday some sort of cleaning/organizing bug hit me. It didn't last long.

But while I was feeling ambitious I set out to accomplish a few things that don't get done on a daily basis.

Now, our house needs daily tidying up. If we let it slip for even one day, then there are mountainous piles of toys,laundry, dishes etc. But while messy, untidy, and cluttered have occasionally been adjectives I would use to describe our household of 8,I have never felt dirty.

Until now.

As I gave into the need to deep clean a little I decided to pull the stove out and sweep behind it. How bad could it be? We've only been here 10 months. Well....

Yes, that's all from under the stove. Ugh.

So then I got to thinking, if the stove is like that, what is it like behind my fridge?

Apparently, things were a little more calm under the Fridgedaire. But still.

So now I dare you to check behind your appliances. What will you find?

(Nora update: She looks great, a little pink still and one dime sized scab left, but otherwise you might just think she scraped her head. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes)


  1. Glad Nora is doing well. That's good news.
    LOL about what you found under appliances!!!

  2. EW!!

    That's kinda gross.

  3. I just did this and the first thing out of my kids mouth was, "eeww! It's stinks under there." Hmmm. More than every three years would be a good idea.


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