Monday, March 23, 2009

My Boy

Charlie is my first boy.

He opened up a whole new world that as a mom with 2 girls, I had never known before.

I remember my friend Teresa telling me how in love she was with her boys, and until I had a son of my own I didn't quite understand the feeling of wanting to make out with my newborn. (You all know what I mean)

Then Charlie came along and all I could do was stare into his eyes and decide then and there that no girl would ever be good enough for him.

Well today, this little stealer of my heart is 7 years old.

A year away from being baptized, a year away from cub scouts, a year closer to eventually leaving me to go on a mission, then college, then to marry some girl who I'd better like almost more than I like him!!


Today Charlie enters a world where he doesn't need help to clean anymore.

A world where he is growing more and more dependable, honest and mindful of his Savior and the gospel in his life.

A world where he is so loving and kind to his little sisters that it almost makes me cry.

My son, who was once described by my friend as more beautiful then most girls, with his long lashes, sandy hair and wicked dance moves, is 7 years old.

Seven years ago I sat and marveled at this little life that Heavenly Father had entrusted us with and hoped that I would be up to the task of raising a son.
A son who would one day be a husband and father, who would lead his home in righteousness and love, who would provide for his family and preside over his home.

Could I do it? Could I teach him all he needed to know so that he would grow to be as strong and faithful and valiant as his own father?

Would I be able to share with him the love of his Savior and Heavenly Father as well as the love of his parents?

Charlie is ever surprising me, and not in the ways I would have thought when he was 3.

He is strong, and caring and is learning to not follow the crowd. To set an example for others without losing the spice in his personality.

I watch him and know that he will surpass me in intelligence, wisdom, faith and love, and I am grateful. Grateful for my son.

And while I have lost the urge to make out with him (he is waay too slobbery now), I love him more now then ever and will only grow more attached everyday.

Happy Birthday my boy, I love you!



  1. Oh, I love birthday tributes, especially to our children, as they are such huge milestones for them and the parents.


    tell him happy birthday from me :)

  3. Ha ha I remember you telling me that about wanting to make out with your son...and me thinking...hmmm that is a little weird! Then 7 weeks later to the day here comes Bryce. And I got it!!!! And I STILL want to make out with but I agree...far too spitty! There is such a strong mom son bond that is so incredible!!!! And I hope the day nevr comes where Bryce is "too cool" to kiss me or tell me how beautiful he thinks I am..that will be a very sad, dark day for me!!!!

    Love you...

    P.S. The other day Bryce said I want to go and see Charlie because I miss him!

  4. Ok, I am glad to know that I don't have pervy tendencies toward my boys and that's it is just normal motherly love... I was beginning to wonder. lol.

    Charlie is beautiful, yet in a very manly way of course. I wish I knew his spicy personality these days.

    I love the thoughtfulness in your mothering that you share, it helps me cherish my boys and remember what I need to be and do for them.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday Charlie!

  5. What a great boy he is! I love Charlie, too! What's your favorite color? Green. What's your favorite animal? Snake. What's your favorite number? 2. You have a Green snake with 2 tongues. Ha ha ha. Bedtime with Charlie.


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