Friday, February 20, 2009

the one and only Keno

This is my big brother Keno. Oh how I love him.

I've always looked up to him. I've always thought he was just a cool guy.

Both my parents always worked. When we weren't with my grandma Keno was in charge.

Sometimes this meant that he had decided Maile and I had watched enough tv for the day so he would unplug the cable outside. Usually right in the middle of General Hospital.

It meant a lot of experimenting with food. Goulash anyone?

It meant building the fort around the utility light pole in the back yard.

We would spend hours creating skits and characters and filming them with the big Hurkin video camera. Dr. Joyce Sisters was a favorite.

As a family we weren't big on camping. Our one attempt ended in the 5 of us sleeping on top of the tent because my dad and Keno couldn't agree on how to set it up, all the while my mom cooked by the glow of the headlights on our car.

We never went again.

But Keno on his own was and has continued to be an avid camper. He earned his Eagle Scout at the age of 15.

I remember with "fondness" when he got back from his week long 50 mile hike at age 12. I'm not sure that smell ever leaves your memory.

In fact, he went camping yesterday for his birthday.

Keno has always been able to fix or build anything. He added lights to our Barbie house when he was 10 or so.

He was always rigging things to work better,experimenting, taking things apart. But with Keno, he got them back together and working again.

He's truly one of the smartest people I know as well as kind and generous and fun to be around.

Keno's first car was a Datsun 210, I think. We would drive it around listening to Dire Straights, Mr. Mister, Chicago, The Police.
Keno and I were always really good friends.Even with a 4 year age difference.

He was never mushy or sappy with us, he still has to be forced into a hug, but we know he loves us.

The best think Keno ever did was marry his lovely wife Amy. We all adore her and like him more because of his affiliation with her.

Keno is truly a one in a million. Somewhat because he is probably the only non-Asian in the world with the name Keno, but also cuz he is unique in his own bohunk way. (a bohunk is a person of east european descent(czech in our case) who is on the stubborn side.)

Keno and Amy have 4 great kids who are a real tribute to their most excellent upbringing.

Anyway, I love ya Bro. Happy Birthday Keno!

(And in case you hadn't noticed, my brother and sister have really cool names. What, may I ask, is up with that?

Why am I just Amy?

Sheesh, no wonder I worked so hard to be different my whole life, I didn't have a cool name.)

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  1. I'm going to start calling you Why-ma. (It's my version of Amy, backwards. It's cool.) Yeah, and how 'bout Bonita - or Digby? You guys have names from every other culture, from Cle Elum? Funny.


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