Monday, February 9, 2009

I thought it was a Miracle.

I thought today would be a Miracle. It would be officially 2 weeks of Anne Marie not missing any school.

As you may or may not know, Anne Marie has had a slower transition of accepting Kindergarten as a mainstay in her life.

Me, being who I am, have been an enabler in this capacity.

"You don't feel like going to school today? Ok, what do you want to do instead?"

"You're sad without me, aahh, just stay home"

You get the point.

Well, I finally realized that I just might be allowing her to manipulate me. *gasp* You don't say? Shocking, I know.

So I have made a concerted effort to encourage her to go to school everyday. When we made the 2 weeks mark of perfect attendance we did a little dance and took this picture.

However, I should have known that Anne Marie would find a way to best me. That somewhere in the workings of her mind, she would formulate a subconcious plan to thwart my best efforts.

Here is what she came up with.

This was taken 10 minutes ago, and Oh yeah, it's permanent.

I was informed that she wanted to be a clown, she wanted Henry to be a clown too.

He can't be held responsible for most of his actions yet, so I will not humiliate him.

On second thought.

But I'm thinking that I shouldn't let this mess up her perfect attendance streak.

In fairness to my daughter I'm willing to take a poll. It doesn't mean I won't still send her to school today, but I am curious what you all think. To send or not to send? That is my question.


  1. My vote is send her to school. Tell the teacher that she thought it was Clown Dress up day, today!

  2. Send her - You're such a softy. She want's to be a clown? Great. Be one at school.

  3. Oh man, I'm a softy like you... I would've kept her home and warned her that in the future I'm sending her no matter what she looks like. But then probably wouldn't have... Hopefully by the time my guys go to school I'll have toughened up a little!

  4. haha
    i am in the wilk and i laughed really loud when i saw this picture... :)

    school. definitely.

  5. I don't know what to say about school or no school. I think whichever way is fine if you are confidant about it. My question is ...why do you own permanant markers??????

  6. send her.....if I was a teacher, I would love a good chuckle like that!

  7. Anonymous~

    Good question. The same reason I own peanut butter, chocolate chips, pencils, pens, and permanent markers (they're actually Kate's for her school projects), I just love to clean up messes! :)


  8. Amy, I'm just curious to see how you get it off or how long it takes to wear off! Can you document that for us? :)

  9. Try this:


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