Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hi all-


Are you there?

I really will write a post soon on why I have been absent. Nothing horrible, but certainly some issues I have had to deal with have been a factor in my absence.

But for today, I am plugging our next Boutique. It's this coming Saturday, November 17th at 10 AM.

Saturday November 17th
10 AM
Amber's Basement
28623 239th PL SE
Maple Valley, Wa

It's our first anniversary! I've been working my tail off trying to get stuff ready. 

You've already seen this:

But this will also be available this Saturday. Recognize it Amy G?

Don't you love my workshop/garage in the picture? It will be totally clean again once the boutique is over and we will park in it again. But for now....well, it's kind of sawdusty.

I hope if you're local you'll stop by. It's really fun for me to see ideas in my brain come to life, but it's even better when they find good homes where other people will love them as well.

I'll share more photos as the week goes on. And then next week? Back to regular blogging. I have tons to talk about cuz I've been saving up!

Til then.

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