Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Off he goes....

So guess what?

Henry started kindergarten this year.

Yup, I am down to one at home and I couldn't be sadder about it.

Ok fine. I don't look sad in that picture. But that's because we hadn't gone to the bus yet. I'm not going to show you my blubbery, sad face, ok? Thanks.

Henry however, was not sad at all.

He did look really confused as to why I was sad and he was worried about me.

But in the end I let him go.

And he has loved it ever since. My little boy is growing up and he is so happy about it.

Me, a little, I know that it's time. But I also know how fast it goes. However, I am beginning to wonder what it will be like to go to the grocery store and the gym by myself. .....hmm, maybe it won't be so terrible?

We'll see.

Next year though, when Nora goes to kindergarten? I'm not sure I'll even be able to post about it. My last child, my baby girl going to school? Forgetaboutit!

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