Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to drive yourself (and your spouse) crazy in 3 easy steps.

Number 1:

When you redo a room, and shop your house, that leaves decorative holes in other parts of the house.

And when you are me, and your brain cannot handle things unfinished, that becomes a problem.

A problem where you spent every waking moment thinking about it, you can't go to sleep at night cuz you're rearranging wall  hangings and furniture in your head.

A problem where you make your husband listen to you, move furniture for you, and where you ask him his opinions on things he could care less about.

Number 2:

Because of the above mentioned decorative holes, you now have a family room that is unfinished. But part of the major problem in that room is that you also made an awesome Union Jack piece of furniture for your boutique that no one bought.

Why is this a problem? Because you painted it in a finish that doesn't really match your house.

So you stare at it. You try and figure out curtains, pillows, accessories to tie this awesome piece of furniture into your family room.

But pretty soon you realize that you can't.  Because you already love the color scheme of your room, and trying to incorporate navy blue, specifically, will just cause further insanity.

And I am a believer in the following: Instead of trying to make an entire room fit around one piece of furniture, why not make the furniture fit the room?

As I contemplated this, I told Jeff and my sister and Charlie, who was home sick, about my idea. They all said the exact same thing, "Why?!!!!!"

I know it is hard to understand, but I had a vision that would preserve the awesomeness of the piece, but not make me crazy with it's clashing colors.

So I did what any neurotic decorator would do, I spend all day yesterday repainting and sanding this thing, as it sat in my living room:)

And voila!

I do love how you can still see some of the red and blue coming through, but it no longer darkens and overwhelms my house. I kind of think I'm a crazy genius:)

Number 3:

Knowing that you ordered curtains to try and incorporate a red, white and blue piece, and now that piece is no longer red, white and blue, and that when they curtains arrive, now THEY won't match.

Like I said, it's crazy-ville around here. Well, maybe I didn't say that, but it's true.

So now I can obsess about the curtains and pillows I will get that WILL match.


And props to the most patient husband in the world. I appreciate his willingness to let me do what I want, and his muscles that move furniture for me:)


  1. You are a crazy genius!! Really like it lots!!!! Mad skill you have!!

  2. did you white wash it or just sand it... just looks great

    1. After I repainted it, I sanded it down. I thought about then white washing it as well, funny you should ask, but just stuck to sanding it.

  3. Doesn't seem crazy to me at all, especially given that I plan the clothes for family pictures based on the room they are going to hang in in my house....see, we're all crazy.

    Looks great!

  4. I think it looks amazing!!! I love this piece in these colors!!! You are a genius:)


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