Thursday, November 29, 2012

Charlie Brown's Christmas tree

I love our Charlie Brown tree. LOVE IT!

I don't know why. It has huge gaps between branches. It's crooked.

But it fits our family somehow. And even though it's scraggly and lopsided, I just knew it would shine when we were done with it.

And we, well I, decided that since it was such a homegrown type tree, that we should do homemade decorations.

Paper chains, popcorn strings, cranberries, that kind of thing.

Jeff vetoed the real cranberries. Something about red on the carpet? Boring.

We also used my MIL's sugar cookie recipe and cut out Christmas tree shapes. They are also gluten free so that Nora can sneak them and I won't worry:)

Midway, I was trying not to laugh at our funny little tree. But the kids loved making everything. And I love my dirty, hand print windows.

Kate strung all those cookies and didn't eat any that weren't mistake cookies. (mistake cookies don't have big enough holes to string things through). She needs a Mrs. Claus outfit and then this picture would be complete:)

Jeff wanted to let Nora put the angel on the tree. We have a star, but someone made this angel and my aunt Cathy gave it to us, so it felt right for this little tree from Snoqualmie Pass.

Jeff had lovely visions of lifting his little blonde baby up and letting her put the angel on. But she was too short, and the tree was too tall.


Almost got it....

I finally had to bend the tree down for her. But in the end it was glorious.

I was still sad about not having cranberries, so Jeff went to the craft store and found wooden cranberry strings. Who loves me?

Julia was there too, but the poor girl was sleeping during a lot of the evening from the lovely stomach bug that has been visiting our house:)

Something about the glow of the lights, everyone getting excited to turn off the main light and let the tree illuminate the room, just makes me all warm and fuzzy.

I love my family. I love Christmas. I feel so blessed.


  1. We haven't done ours yet and I was just thinking that maybe we could squeeze it in may have just inspired me to make it happen!

  2. Love the garland idea...I stole it and have some hanging on my banister now...Thanks!


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