Tuesday, October 9, 2012

To keep or not to keep. That is ALWAYS the question!

So often, I make something for the boutique, and then I either love it so much that I want to keep it. Or I think it may not be good enough so I'm afraid to sell it.

But this one falls in the "I love it so much" category. I would have a perfect place for it in my house. I love the distressed, slightly scruffy feel to it. Maybe it's just me.

What would YOU do?


  1. Save the shipping costs and let Adam come pick it up. He can be there in five minutes with a check in hand!!! ;)
    it is AWESOME!! YOU are awesome!


  2. So not me but I can see how it would do that for someone else. Definitely a unique piece, and it looks like you had a lot of fun making it!

  3. Did you build it? I was just looking at the building plans for one very similar yesterday!

    1. I didn't build it, but it is an Ethan Allen piece. So it's solid wood. And I haven't decided on price yet. That is always the hardest part!

  4. I say paint it all that red and keep it! Unless the money would be VERY helpful :)

  5. Price it well and if it doesn't sell, then keep it. It looks great!

  6. I miss your blog posts! I know about life getting in the way of blogging (my own non-existent blog posts being a prime example), and that is as it should be, but I wanted you to know that I miss your voice.


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