Thursday, October 4, 2012

Leavenworth...or in Kate's words, "The trip where I wanted to rip the camera away from mom."

You wanna buy a pape' mister?

Can I join your circus?

Why do you take pictures of us with the Men's bathroom sign in the background?

No words for how amazingly annoyed she was at me. Even though the picture turned out beautiful.

Why hellooooo gorgeous!

Blue steel. Lucky me:)


  1. you were in leavenworth and only got pics by the boys bathroom? you're so funny! you crack me up!!! how are you? i like that your posting hiatus is over.

  2. that place in the fall. I am so glad you all got to go! I love and miss your family!--Wanna come with Charlie? ;)

    1. You're gonna make me cry Amy!!! I'm so jealous he gets to go. I'm thinking maybe a winter trip to Colorado for my birthday is in order:)


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