Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend annihilation

This is pretty much what my whole house looks like right now.

It's not exact because the camera is in Jeff's glove box. So I pulled a photo from Halloween preparations. Otherwise I would honestly show you what my house looks like after the weekend.

It ain't pretty.

I don't know when I got into the habit of not doing dishes and tidying up on Sunday night, content to say, "I'll do it tomorrow."

But somehow, that has become the norm and because of that, I hate Mondays.

And I kind of hate Tuesdays as well, because I never get it all the way back to normal on Mondays. Looks like it's time to re-evaluate the way I do things.

Since I don't have pictures of my annihilated house, I will instead share two stories about names that made me laugh.

We were talking about the kids names and how we decided on them. We were talking about Henry and how we had also considered Harvey and Harry.

Anne Marie pipes up and says, "Weren't you thinking of naming Henry, Mildred?" She was dead serious.

We laughed and laughed. No, we never considered naming Henry, Mildred. I honestly have no idea why she thought that.

The second happened on Saturday. We've been getting a lot of phone calls for some name that doesn't live here. Jeff had enough of it and told one company to please stop calling because no one lived here by that name and they call all the time.

So the girl asks him for HIS name so that she can put that in the data base so they will stop calling.

Jeff told her he didn't want to give her his name, (cuz we all know they will then start asking for him), but she said that she had to have a name. So he says, ok, "My name is Daffy Duck. Can you put THAT in your data base?" She said she couldn't, so he said, ok, how about John? My name is John. "

It was hilarious. Jeff is so kind and good, that when he acts sassy at all, it's because he is really fed up. So we'll see now if we get any more calls. I kind of hope so, it would be fun to add Barb Wire, or I.P. Freely to their data base.

Ok, I am going to try and get this place in tip top shape cuz tomorrow is VALENTINE's DAY! Aren't you excited?

I am. Even though I'm not eating treats, it will be fun to make cookies with the kids, give them yummy goodness in the form of chocolate and shower them with all of my love.

Have a happy day!


  1. oh valentines day--how fun. i have nothing prepared. not for the kids or for my honey. i guess i'd better get thinking. they honey and i won't do anything too special since our anniversary is next week and we'll just go out then. what do you guys usually do?

  2. this is what my bedroom looks like right now. so sad. love the mildred story...that anne marie comes up with some good ones... :)


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