Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Outside comfort zones

Last week was sooo glorious!
My kids took care of the house.
I got to sleep in.
My kids took care of the house.
My vacuum died. But when I went to Goodwill looking for a used one,  I found a Kirby that someone had given away!
I have always wanted a Kirby vacuum. It lifts my carpet, it sucks so much!
Did I also mention that my kids took care of the house? I was able to get so much done for my upcoming basement boutique. It was glorious!

My mom for a day experiment was mostly a success. I found that 8 is a little too young to handle everything. But Charlie and the older girls did beautifully and I've decided that come summertime, they will each get a day a week all summer. It's wonderful for me, and they will know how to run a house when they graduate from high school.

I haven't told them this yet. I'm sure it will be met with much excitement. Ha!

Also, we had a momentous occasion around here. Jeff and Charlie wrestled.

You are probably scratching your head as to why this is momentous if your husband always wrestles with your sons.

Jeff has never really liked to wrestle with the kids. A little when they are young, but he is really such a gentle person and he doesn't "get it". However, we have talked a lot about why it is good for boys to wrestle with their dads.
~It is a bonding experience.
~It teaches them appropriate and fun ways to let off a little steam
~It is a bonding experience.
~It is a natural inclination for most boys to want to jump on their dad. Reciprocating helps them feel "normal"
~It is a bonding experience.

So on Friday when Jeff got home, Charlie said, "Hey Dad, lets wrestle!"

Jeff hesitated. I made encouraged him to do it. And I wish you could have heard the giggles. From Jeff.

It was really wonderful. Jeff was laughing so hard he couldn't breathe sometimes. Which gives one more reason why dads should wrestle with their boys.
~It's really good for their hearts.

Do your husbands wrestle with the kids?


  1. uhh, yeah. do you read my blog? have you seen my stud muffin #2 in THE ENTIRE LEAGUE son? but, at our house it's not so much "fun" as it is practicing hard core!! occasionally they wrestle for fun, but not usually. i try to avoid it at all costs, my #2 is always trying to smash his skull into mine...and i dare say i'm kinda wimpy!

  2. My husband is a non-wrestler too! Maybe he should try it sometime :-)

  3. Fun! My husband is pretty much unable (physically) to wrestle with Ben, so that makes it my job. We do it in the bounce house to reduce chance of injury (for me!). He's 5 now and pretty tall and strong, so I'm thinking by the time he is 7 I'll have to enroll him in wrestling or something just so he has someone to roll around with. These boys!!!


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