Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In the depths of despair

Nora cut her hair. Again.

But this time there is no hiding it or just leaving it. It's irreparably short. In a very obvious place.

So tomorrow will be the reveal of her new short hair cut. Boo Hoo!

And when did this happen? While I was upstairs showering. Jeff was working from home, sitting at the kitchen table. And Nora was at the kitchen table with scissors from our Valentine making activity.

Jeff is a very hard worker. So focused in fact, that he didn't notice Nora cutting her own hair.

I'm honestly not mad at him. They've all cut their hair under my watch. But it's quite comical that he was sitting at the table with her. That's all.

I'm not letting this ruin my Valentine's Day, but it's a challenge to be sure. I love her bouncy long blonde hair.

But I suppose I will love her new short, bouncy blonde hair too. *sob*

Until tomorrow.


  1. I'm sure her new haircut will be absolutely adorable!

  2. She's gonna look soooo cute with short hair! Can't wait to see the new pic!

  3. I'm so sorry mom... But, "your day goes the way the corners of your mouth turn"
    ~as far as I know, Sam Benett

  4. I'm reading this on the train, and must seem like a weirdo because I laughed an evil little laugh and now can't stop smiling! I remember one of my sisters cutting her hair right down to the ends--an hour before my uncle's wedding! Boy was that funny to watch!

    I can't remember cutting my own hair, but I'm sure I did (at least once). As you say, it's the kid thing to do!

    Can't wait to see the new hairdo!

  5. you know my kids never did that! except ivy used to pull out here hair and suck on her fingers. she started to lose a patch of hair and then we were concerned she was going to eat the hair, so we shaved her whole head when she about 2. it was pretty drastic, but it cured her of the hair pulling!

    don't worry, it'll grow back. she does look adorable though....

  6. that girl will look AWESOME with short hair!!!!!


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