Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I must brag

Can I brag just a little? Show off my awesome older girls for just a moment?

Yes, those are two report cards. Both straight A's, both 4.0's. They are up on my messy, fingerprint smudged fridge for us all to admire and ooh and aah over.

I am so proud of them because 4.0's were not a normal occurrence for me personally. I did well in school, but never THAT well. Jeff did. So I attribute a lot of their brains to him. I'm just so gosh darned pleased.

Plus, with six kids, good grades certainly help in the getting scholarships department. So, thanks girls for being so smart!


  1. wow! so amazing! i know you're so proud!
    it's such a great feeling to know your kids are succeeding! i wish i would've done better in school. after my mom died, i just barely had good enough grades to graduate. it just didn't matter to me then.

  2. Whoot Whoot!! Awesomely well done ladies!!!!!!

  3. Awesome! You are So smart! And work hard too!


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