Thursday, December 15, 2011

Yesterday was a first in our family.

Kate and Julia went shopping together. Without me.

They have both done things with their friends, without me being there. No biggie.

But this was the first time they asked to go shopping without their madre. Their mama. Their maeinha.

And it's ok. As Jeff reminded me, more than once, this is part of their development. Yes, I know that. But I can still give a little sigh at the passing of time, and at the growing up of my children.

I didn't totally understand why they wanted to go without me. I wondered if I had officially hit that annoying status as a mom to teenage girls.

But then I saw this photo they took together at the mall:

And I understood. It's not that they don't want me around, it's just that they love each other SOOO much. And now that they both have their own rooms for the first time in their lives, they want to plan sister time. Time where they bond and love each other, and grow their relationship. Not that they would necessarily put it that way themselves, but that is how I see it. And I'm so grateful.

Sisters and best friends. Just as it should be.

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  1. Maybe they wanted to get your christmas present?


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