Wednesday, December 14, 2011


There are many perks to being a stay at home mom. I get to hang out with my not-in-school-yet kids, I get to be there when the older ones walk in the door. I'm always available if someone is sick and needs to come home, or stay home from school. If I don't want to wear make up or do more than put sweats on, I can.

Before anyone was in school, our day didn't start until the first child woke up. I loved that, because, well, I don't especially like getting up in the morning. Kay?

But now that I have older kids who have to be out the door early, there is no sleeping in, ever. And next year? In our church, starting in 9th grade, the kids go to early morning seminary. It's a M-F class where they study the scriptures. What time does it start? 6 AM. Yup folks, Kate will need to be out the door at 5:45 next year. It's so early so that they can be done before school starts. And their teachers? Not paid. Volunteers who willingly prepare lessons and get up early to teach our high schoolers and give them a spiritual start to their day.

Will I be getting up that early? Ummm, would I be a bad mother if I said, only when it's my turn to drive for carpool? My mother was up and had breakfast for us every morning. Our early morning seminary didn't start until 7, but still. I have that to live up to. Not sure I will.

Anyhoo, the whole point of my little ramble is that being a stay at home mom, who doesn't like to get up, it's tempting for me, when my kids are overly tired, to consider letting them stay home. 1. because I don't have to be to work, and 2. the thought of crawling back in bed is nice.

So what happened yesterday when Anne Marie looked like this?

She still went to school. But I considered it. She looks so sleepy, and in need of a few more hours. But then I remembered how the night before, she would not go to sleep when told to. Sooo, sympathy dissipated, and lil' miss got up and went to school.

But when the days are shorter, the air colder, the sky more grey, it's awfully tempting to hit snooze,snuggle back in, and NOT wake anyone up.

Christmas break starts in 7 days, thankfully. I. CAN'T. WAIT!


  1. I get this! ALL OF THIS!!!! Friday is the last day..... CAN'T WAIT! I do however hope that they undo their clocks and get over the before 7 wake up fast!!!

    Yea for school breaks!!

  2. p.s. I just read how when Ari start's kindergarten it will be all day.......... Not a happy mamma......more like sad and crying mamma, it's not that far away....

  3. Some kids here drive 30 minutes to get to Seminary. It starts at 5:50. At my house. No. Sleeping. In. Ever! Lily thinks every day is a seminary day...


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