Monday, December 26, 2011

How was your Christmas? Ours was fantastic!

Things that made it awesome:

1.My parents and Jeff's parents(you both know why)

2.Two friends from church that dropped off a huge box of goodies and gingerbread houses for my kids.

3.Another good friend who is trading vinyl for curtains so that I could make signs for my girls' rooms.

4.All the friends who dropped off (or mailed-Janet!)goodies and made us feel loved.

5. My children for being SOOO grateful and happy with every thing they opened.

6. My husband for making Christmas dinner.

7. And most of all, my Savior, for giving us a reason to celebrate.

Our day was merry and brite, how about yours?


  1. I was blessed and honoured to be invited into the home of my best friend's parents for the weekend. They made me feel welcome and loved! (Oh, and of course I was blessed because I was celebrating the birth of my Saviour!!)



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