Thursday, August 25, 2011

Things that break a mother's heart

On Tuesday morning Nora had her adenoids and tonsils removed. Since she was going to be under anyway, our awesome doctor offered to removed 3 warts that we had been trying and trying to get rid of. For free. Yeah, I know, right?

The surgery was quick, and she woke up the way they all do. Thrashing, disoriented, dizzy and stronger than a baby bull. And then the pain set in. "My froat, my fumb, my finger!!!!"

Little miss was in a whole lot of pain. When we got home I gave her the nasty tasting tylenol/codeine combo. It takes the pain away, but getting her to take it is kind of like trying to wrestle with the previously mentioned baby bull. She DOES NOT like it. And then she glares at me like I'm the meanest mom around. I think it burns as it goes down, but then she can actually endure swallowing enough to eat.

So it's a toss up. Do I run the risk of having her hate me for half an hour after giving her the dose, or do I sit and watch and listen to her cry because her throat hurts her so bad because the regular ol' tylenol does nothing? So far I've taken the risk and had her mad at me. But it's not fun. We feel like we're torturing her because she acts LIKE WE'RE TORTURING her!

The only upside to all this, besides her nose not running and being able to breathe through her nose and not snoring and not having sinus problems later on, well the OTHER upside to this is that she has been so clingy. And while I'm tired of watching Dora and Diego, I love that she wants to be with me soo much. And it seems, the only way she'll take a nap is if it's on me.

The flip side to that is the fact that I couldn't even take a shower without her coming with me. If I went to the bathroom, she would cry for me to come back. She's better today. She's watching tv all by herself while I type away in here. But I'm just a cry for mommy away.

It's really all so sad. And heartbreaking, because she has absolutely no idea why she is in so much pain. She just knows that she went to sleep with promises of princess dreams and she woke up with her throat on fire. I'd feel a little put out myself.

It was reminiscent of Henry a few years back. But because of his experience, I thought to take her in when the wee lass' nose refused to stop running. Like, ever.

So now we're in the recovery stage. The ice cream, chocolate milk, bread-not toast, no chips or pretzels phase of this whole thing. And just like Henry's rashy cheeks cleared up within a week of his tonsils coming out, I am VERY optimistic that Nora's eczema will go away.

Yes I know that it is normally related to food. But what if her immune system is so busy dealing with mondoid sized tonsils, and adenoids so big that they are blocking her nose and neither of them doing their job properly, that her immune system is over-responding to other things and causing the eczema?

Time will tell. And I will let you know.

For now, I will be getting to know Dora the Explorer and her companion Boots a little better.

Have a great one.

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  1. Poor little pumpkin. Both my boys went that route and it is miserable. Here's to hoping that lots of ice cream and mommy time will make it all better!


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