Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Anne Marie

Do you ever blink and then realize 8 years has gone by?

That happened to me yesterday. I blinked, and then a second later Anne Marie turned 8.

Tell me how that is possible when I am still 18? Well, inside at least.

It really was a birthday weekend for her. On Saturday Kate and Julia and I took her to the American Girl store that just opened here in Washington!! We were very excited!

Kate and Julia also love American Girl. They got to visit the Chicago store 5 years ago, so we were so thrilled to have one open here.

Here they are getting ready to leave.

Anne Marie in front of the store. Isn't she sooo dang cute? How do you like her new pixie cut? Pretty fab if you ask me.

This picture makes me cry. What mother wouldn't want three wholesome girls who love American girl and each other?

Kate tried to pretend she wasn't as excited, but then when she saw Addy's trunk, she became more animated than I've seen her in a while. And some outfits for Addy may have been added to her birthday list.

After the American Girl Doll Store, we headed over to Claires for another rite of passage. When our daughters turn 8 they get their ears pierced!!!

After such a great day, I only hoped that her actual birthday would measure up!
I tried. With pink frosting.

Grandma Granger was the lone grandparent. Thanks for coming Grandma!!

Anne Marie was more than a little excited about her presents. Clothes as presents! What a way to make a dollar stretch. Give them school clothes as presents.

Kate and Julia gave Anne Marie presents without any help from me. I love those girls.

But the highlight present? The present that got her more excited than any other? The box of 2500 sheets of paper from Grandma and Grandpa Granger. No. You don't understand. We constantly run out of printer paper because Anne Marie steals it all to draw, write notes, and whatever. She is obsessed with paper and all it's possibilities. I mean, just look at her face!

What a great girl she is. We appreciate how much she loves her siblings, how attentive she is to Henry and Nora. How willing she is to help. She is sassy wrapped in sweet wrapped in pink girly feathers with a tiara. She is awesome and we love her.

Happy Birthday sweet Anne Marie!!


  1. I so want to take my girls to the American Girl store but I don't know if I can stomach how much it will cost! So glad she had such a great day.

  2. Happy Birthday Anne Marie!

    I love you! You are super!

  3. Happy Birthday Anne Marie!!

    The haircut is super cute!

  4. 8 years!!!! I can't believe it has been that long. The last time I saw her she was about 2. :)

    Your girls are beautiful!

  5. Happy Birthday Anne Marie! I love you!

  6. Anne Marie is my NORAH with paper to a T!! She is always taking computer paper for everything and anything and then we are out!!! That cracks me up, that you talk about it :) I then end up picking up scraps of paper ALL OVER THE STINKING HOUSE!!


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