Friday, August 26, 2011


I have to admit it. When I have seen mothers yelling at their children in the grocery story, I have judged them.

I have thought,"Wow, if they are that angry in public, what are they like at home?"

And I would go on my merry way, convinced that they were probably mean mommies.

Fast forward to today. With 4 of my children in tow, the 4 youngest, I headed to the grocery store with my sister for some last minute items for Julia's birthday and for a get together tomorrow.

By the time we got to the check out line, I'm pretty sure I had grown horns on my head and that my tongue had turned into a whip of the lashiest kind.

I grabbed the arms of two of the children, (NOT the youngest two) , and with a not so quiet threat on my lips, I stuck them next to the cart and ordered them to not move or speak.

It was then that I realized that there were people around me. And that those people probably were thinking about me the way I used to think about others.

That's right, USED to think. Because right then and there I knew the truth.

It is NOT evidence of a bad mom when she yells at her children in public. It is evidence of a tired mom who left all of her patience on aisle 4 and all of her sanity in the aisle that just happens to have candy on one side and chips on the other. The chips being needed, the candy being ingredients for crazy town!

So to all mothers who have yelled at their children in public that I have judged: I AM SORRY!

But it has given me an idea:

Just attach it to your grocery cart, add children, and voila! Instant good mom.

Whadya think? Too much? Nahhhh.


  1. This makes me love you so much more Amy.. It is so hard sometimes and I too was one who may have looked down upon the mom yelling until I became that mom :( It's HARD when your under stress, over tired, overwhelmed or in that awful week 3 of the cycle where what patience you had disappears before your half way thru the morning...

    What makes you such an awesome mom is that you realize it and admit you were wrong and didn't know the whole story........ Sometimes we must loose it in public, just so our kids know we will and it's not always a threat:)

  2. so YOU'RE the one I hide from when I'm "whisper yelling" at my kids in a store. ;)

    You're great -- and that bubble thing would make you a gajillionaire!


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