Friday, August 19, 2011


As I told a friend this last week, I haven't blogged in a while because I'm trying to spend time with my kids more and be on the computer less. That's working out, um, ok.

But I think maybe a bigger reason I haven't posted, if I'm being completely honest with myself, is that I just can't act like everything is great and low stress for me right now.

I have a hard time hiding my feelings, and posting about some cute little thing would feel like a lie when in fact I can't stop thinking about where the money for multiple car repairs and a new car payment is going to come from, or where the money for school clothes is going to come from, or the fact that we have 4 children's birthdays coming up and still haven't figured out the afore mentioned where is all the money coming from problem. Or there is why my back hurts all the time lately leaving me unable to do much of what I want and need to get done or why as hard as I try I can't seem to get on top of my messy house.

But it's no fun to read about me feeling sorry for myself. Even though you just did. My apologies. So instead I'm reposting something that made me laugh. Because, today, that is what I really need.

Sassy mouth

*Post Edit*: I am not actually worried about Nora saying butt. I don't like the word, I think it sounds kind of crass. But I don't think it's pepper in the mouth kind of language. I just found it super funny that her teasing Henry sounded more like hairy butt. Sorry if you thought I was worried about this. I'm totally not.*

I was supposed to show you pictures of other things I've been working on.

But instead I have chosen to share with you my 2 year old's new found ability to torment her brother.

Yesterday, for some unknown reason, Nora started saying "butt, butt, butt, butt".

Now, we don't use that word in our house. We really don't. Well, sometimes I do, but I'm working on it, ok?! And I try not to let anyone hear me when I say it.

Anyway, Nora continued with her recitation of this "naughty" word.

It bothered Henry to no end.

In fact he tattled on her.

"Mommmmm, Nora is saying butt."

Me. "Nora, we don't say butt."

Nora. "Butt, butt, butt, butt"

But then she took it to new heights once she figured out that it caused a reaction. She started getting Henry's attention first by saying his name, followed by saying butt. Trying super hard to irritate him.

However, she does not pronounce Henry correctly yet.(she leaves out the N)

So it came out sounding more like "hery! butt! hery! butt! hery! butt!"

I could not make this stuff up if I tried!

What do you do when it is a two year old saying this stuff?

I didn't want to bring more attention to by making a big deal out of it, and laughing certainly wasn't helping.

So I just walked away, and Hery seemed to realize that ignoring it was the best bet as well.

And then I took their picture, which will always make the center of attention baby of the family completely forget everything else.



  1. ((Hugs from the east side))

    Sorry things are stressful. Wish I could help. Chocolate and peanut butter make everything better, right?

  2. I am so sorry!

    I feel ya, and know what your saying, it's real hard to be cheery all the stinking time!!!!

    I am also VERY sure (as you are too) that with enough faith and prayer, he will answer!!
    Just give it to him girl, give it up so you can relax and know he's got it covered!! do it, RIGHT NOW!


    I'll send you an invite to something that I'm sure will make you smile :) (you may already be a member? We'll see)

    THANK YOU for posting, i was starting to worry!


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