Wednesday, August 31, 2011

School shopping

This was my head shot that I gave to the directors of the musical I auditioned for. (Still haven't heard if I have a part). But looking at it I thought,"Wouldn't it be great if I could take the kids school shopping today and look this serene and put together by the end of it?"

Then I doubled over laughing for about half an hour. Because lets be honest, I am not going to look like this:

I am going to look like this:

Please wish me luck. I will desperately need it.


  1. LUCK and LOVE!!! You look just like I always think of you - quirky and absolutely darling!!!

  2. Maybe they'll surprise you...:)

    You look GORG in that first picture. Love it.

  3. You always look fab! Really you do!

  4. I remember always starting out thinking it would be fun and coming home with every bit of energy SUCKED out of me! So good you can anticipate and maybe pace yourself! Good luck!

  5. I want your hair! I want to go short but am afraid. Tell me what your stylist calls this cut. :)

    P.S. I homeschool to avoid these situations.

  6. Go Amy, go Amy, go Amy, you can do it yes you can!!

  7. how'd it go, hottie? or should I say "how'd it go, killa'?" since that's the word verification for this comment...

  8. By the way, when she got home, Amy still looked just as good as when she left.


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