Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ready for a change

I've been feeling restless with my appearance lately. Not unhappy, just bored.

Should I grow my hair out again? Should I cut it all off again?

Should I go more blonde? Should I go all one color?

Growing it out takes forever, and I hate the medium length stage. Plus, I have mistakenly thought in the past that I had to have long hair to be beautiful. I don't think that anymore.

Then something happened when I saw the pictures of the Mindy Gledhill concert. I realized how boring I looked to myself in those pictures. Not bad,not unattractive, just boring.

And I thought of how most days I either put it in hot rollers and left it down, or the real majority of the time, it ended up in a pony tail. And I need more options than that.

So, risking the assumption by other people that I was copying Mindy (you know who you are) I decided to just go for it. Well, that's not entirely true. I first sent a copy of a picture of Meg Ryan's hair that I like to a few people, asking them what they think. Then I polled my whole family and compiled all the information in order to make a decision.

Hey-cutting all your hair off is a BIG deal folks.

And then after feeling sick to my stomach and almost changing my mind while I was in the hairdresser's chair, I just did it!

It didn't help that the other gal who works there was sitting there watching us. Cuz being a lovely Asian girl with long, lovely hair, she found it painful to watch me cut my hair off. She kept making little exclamations and saying, "Oh, it's short enough now, huh?"

It was unfathomable to her why anyone would cut their hair short. But I ignored her and still did it.

So here is the before: Granted I didn't really do my hair before we left, but you get the point.

I told Julie, the gal who cuts my hair, that I wanted a little more blonde. Well....I got a lot more blonde. But that's ok, I can color that any old way I want. What's important is that she totally nailed the haircut I wanted.

And hooo doggey, do I have options now. Headbands look divine, I can pull my bangs back and leave it all messy, I can curl it a little with a curling iron if I want a more sleek look, I can tuck it behind my ears ( which I always did no matter how long my hair was. And that doesn't look so good with long hair) or I can just leave it. And it take about 10 minutes tops.

And I have let go of the thought that I need long hair to be attractive. The best response to my hair was Jeff, just hugging me so tight when I walked in the door and whispering in my ear what he thought of me and my hair. No I'm not going to tell you what he said, silly.

Anyway, love it or hate it, it's here to stay and it makes me feel all bouncy and light. And happy.

The end.


  1. AWESOME, I love it and you are soooo brave! ...And lucky to have hip Washingtonian hairstylists at your disposal. Rock it sistah.

  2. look awesome with that cut and color! Just sent you an email with more. You are going to love having short hair - it's so easy and stylish!

  3. Looks amazing! I don't think you will regret this one. Nice choice :)

  4. Well now I need to see a picture with your spin on it. Don't just tease me like that!

  5. Looks great, Aunt Amy!

  6. Sweet and Sassy! Looks Great! I've got the boredoms right now and would love your input on how I could refresh my old hairdo!

  7. Good for you! And you look so thin, too! I'm still in ponytail land (have hair-pulling baby), but I dream of having pretty hair again someday. You inspire me!

  8. Amy, you are so brave! I want to see different views of the hair and looks to form a full opinion:)

    I'm sure I have an idea of what that wonderful husband of yours whispered in your ear! :-)

  9. Off topic, the right yeast TOTALLY makes all the difference!!!

    woo hoo!!



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