Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Morning dance routine

Put a little HSM (High school musical for those who don't know) in the 'ol jukebox and watch the moves happen. Nora's still learning her moves. She likes to sway back and forth with the table.

Henry is in full blown robot mode. The kid has moves!

Um...starting to be too cool to disco in the morning.

Of course you will have to come over if you want to see my dance moves. No camera in the world could capture the awesomeness of it!


  1. i used to have a video of my kids dancing on my blog, but my house was a mess and it was just too embarrassing, so i deleted it!!! kids' dance moves are the absolute best!! i like the hair cut btw! it's really cute and sasssy!

  2. Sweet, nothing better than spur of the moment dance parties!

  3. Look how hip and cute you are!
    Love the hair! Very sassy!

  4. Wow! Your new hair do makes you look like you have lost weight. Your face looks so thin. You are one cute Moma!

  5. Love the hair.... and we have the same breakfast plates!!


  6. look at your cute hair in that last picture!!!!

    That young man is awfully ummmm handsome!! :)

  7. Sweet mom! What about my dance moves? My dances awesomeness goes beyond even yours1


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