Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the blaahs

I am finding myself at a point where I need to come to grips with the fact that I live in a place that rains more than anywhere else.

And it's grey most of the time too.

But being a creature of the sun, this means that my moods swing with the weather.

And when the weather refuses to cooperate and be nice and it's been a record number of days of clouds and rain, well, I kind of shut down.

Meaning, I don't want to clean my house, I don't care if my kids wear the same thing two days in a row, and I don't seem to mind if they watch T.V. all day while I play solitaire on the computer.

Translation:Lack of sun depresses me terribly.

I start looking for jobs for Jeff in Utah, New Zealand, North Carolina, California. Anywhere that has more sunny days than cloudy, raining days.

And it doesn't have to be warm all the time, or without snow, but I just need sun.

But it seems we are staying here indefinately. Which is happy for my oldest child who will be starting the 8th grade next year, but is kind of a downer for the girl who feels like the clouds are crushing her will to live! (that's me)

So I haven't felt like posting either, and I'm sorry.

And I've taken vitamin P in the past to help, but the side effects are almost worse than the benefit.

So whaaa!

Thanks for listening to me vent. Now I'm going to soothe myself with the long proven mood lifting method of chocolate and diet coke.

Have a great day.


  1. well, you and i can just get together for chocolate and diet coke. i have a "dark" house, so if the suns not out, it might as well be the dead of winter!!! we'll pray for sun together huh?

  2. If you came to just the other side of the mountains we have something like 300 days of sun where I live. I'm just kidding, the sun will be back soon, summer is just around the corner.

  3. sounds like you might need a vacation back east! :-) Seriously, chocolate and diet coke will make anyone feel better. Try nacho cheese Doritos, they work too. Hang in there, my friend. Focus on the budding trees, that always makes me feel better.

  4. You know where it's sunny? THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STATE! Come on over, lay by the pool with me and spend half has much on your mortgage. Seriously. What could be better???

  5. there are worse things then no sun.'ll get back to you.

  6. Don't forget vitamin B and C and D :) the other are almost certain mood lifters for sure! You should give me your address sometime and I'll every now and again just ship you a box of whatever cookie I'm making :) presents in the mail=happiness, presents that are cookies= heaven on earth :)

  7. Sorry to hear you are bummed. I've been there lately, even on the 'sunny-side'. Finally succumbed to 1 hour of vigorous aerobic, butt-toning exercise while listening to loud good dance music. I'd prescribe it for anyone!

    Then diet coke and chocolate.....
    Hope you feel better.

  8. I know that this is not a practice to make habitual but go to a tanning bed. The UV rays will help make vitamin D and perk you up a little. :)

  9. What is vitamin P?

    My mom always said, "Cheer up, things could be worse, so I did, and sure enough they were!"

    So, enjoy the rain, soon there will be a rainbow! (With a pot of something at the end!!!!)


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