Friday, April 1, 2011

Mindy has left the building

First of all, thank you for being patient. I was busy today, but admittedly, I didn't want to blog about this.

Part of me wanted to keep the evening all wrapped up inside my own little heart. And part of me felt that if I blogged about it, that would really mean it's over. Hence, my avoidance.

But I have bucked up, and I'm fulfilling my blogging responsibilities. Plus I realized that if I didn't blog about it, you might think I'm a big fat liar.

So instead of hording, I am in fact sharing ALL of my pictures of the night with you. Can you handle it? There are ALOT.

But if you weren't there in person, than it's the least I can do for you. And If you were there in person, then re-live the moment. Go ahead. Enjoy it.

At the end of the pictures I will share my take on what was, besides my wedding and the birth of my children, one of the top 10 moments in my life so far. Yes it was.

Oh, and extra special bonus at the end. Don't give up, keep on scrolling , I promise it will be worth it.

Mindy brought along her own awesome decorations. Debra Fotheringham: amazing singer, funny, quick witted, talented song writer. She opened for Mindy, it was truly a priviledge to meet her. Warm up with Mindy and Ryan Tilby Umm, can anyone else believe this happened? I love little kids because it could be Mindy, me or Cindy Lauper in there and Nora would treat us all the same. Proof that it doesn't matter who you are, I WILL take pictures of you eating. Early birds. Can you blame them? Filling up. Pretty much an amazing feat, the amount of chairs we squashed into my house. People were able to eat and mingle a little before the concert started. Amazingly, we did not have too much food. Everything Mindy did just had such a magical quality to it. Even the tables for merchandise. Quaint touches that change the ordinary into extraordinary. Note to self:small touches matter. Here I am saying something sappy and dribbly about how awesome Mindy is. I know I fooled no one and they all heard the emotion hitching in my voice. I mean come on, when's the last time I ever got to introduce someone famous that I admire so much? That's right. Never. So if I had to take breaths to keep from crying, so what? Ok, this girl was so sweet and quiet before hand. And then she sat down and out came all of these witty, lovely things. And her music could just make you cry. Which it did for me. Hey, it was an emotional night for me, kay? All eyes to the stairs as Mindy descends. That would have been a grand picture. Her opening song was Close to you by the Carpenters. That was the song I sang to kate every night when she was a baby. The water works were well on their way by now people. I'm not sure I think it's fair that she has so much musical talent and is beautiful as well. Can I get an amen on that? This was Mindy's best friend growing up. Yes, famous, talented people have best friends too. A Lovely best friend witha beautiful little girl who was sooo good through the whole concert. She was genuinely happy to see everyone. As were we to see her. I had to rememer to let other people at her. I mean, I didn't want to appear as stalker-ish as I felt. Me and Debra. Did i mention already how much I love this girl? We were fortunate to hear her sing with the Lower Lights. She' really amazing. Check out her website here. I think Kate knows how blessed we all were to have this happen. And even though I look slightly, um weird, exuberant, fanatical? I still wanted to show you all this picture. Why? Just because. Oh and Mindy is tall. I'm 5 '8. And she's taller than me. Lucky. And this was not the outfit I planned on wearing to the concert. This was my meet Mindy outfit. Ok, it wasn't even that planned. But I got too busy and just left it. I think it was ok, as far as outfits go. So I've decided that there is more to this life than most of us think. There is more to life than the everyday.

Don't get me wrong, every day stuff is fantastic and necessary all in it's own right. But there is no reason to not go after the extraordinary.

For some that may mean becoming a recording artist, or climbing mount Everest.

For me, it's not being afraid to try new things and to put myself out there. You have to make yourself available for the fun moments in life.

I'm not sure I would have regretted not emailing Mindy in the first place, because I wouldn't have known what I was missing out on. But since I do know and have experienced the beauty and music, I'm so glad I followed that impulse and put my hat in for hosting a concert.

Being on TLC was nothing compared to this. And I ain't one to fib.

Having Mindy in my home was unlike anything else we've experienced as a family. I am not exaggerating when I say that she was truly down to earth, but poised and confident as well and as I told her, there is just something about her.

I felt at ease instantly with her, and admittedly a little star struck, but I tried not to act too goofy. Not sure I accomplished that.

But she was so gracious and grateful that we opened our home for this event. And seeing everybody arrive and to watch her sign autographs and to hear Anne Marie say to me as Mindy looked at her during one of the songs, "Mom! She winked at me!" made the whole night just amazing.

One of the neatest parts was hearing the inspiration behind her songs. I've tried to imagine how someone pulls such wonderful lyrics and music out of their brains. I still don't know because I don't possess that talent. But at least I can see now where the idea starts to bud.

I could go on and on about her. I didn't get a chance to tell Mindy this, but I told Debra and Ryan-they think they're just people, but the rest of us are in awe of their talents and know that they're more than just ordinary people.

As the night proved.

And because I don't want to be accused of being selfish, I would love to share a video of Mindy singing last night. It's sideways, unfortunately, but it'll have to do.

And one last mention. Anne Marie pretty much summed up the night when she said," Her name is Mindy Gledhill. You have to use two names when you're a rock star."

Well said.


  1. Amazing! What a wonderful treat for you and your friends--and of course Mindy was lucky to have met YOU!

    Thank you for sharing the day with us!


  2. Thank you Amy for the great pictures and video....very generous of you to share the experience with me. I am glad you had such a wonderful time. I knew it would be amazing and I would regret not being there. Your effort paid off for all! Jeff told me about Anne Marie's experience..Precious!

  3. They were both wonderful! It was such an amazing experience. I am a big fan now! I'm actually listening to her music right now. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing with me I love that song you put on there! She is one talented lady. It was so great you could have her come!

  5. looked and sounded like such a wonderful, awesome, life altering event!!!

    I'm so glad it went soo well!!!!

    Amy your gorgeous!!!

  6. Looks like it was a great time! I'm kind of mad at myself for not coming. What a neat once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Great pictures!

  7. Amy, I'm so glad it turned out so well! Having live music in your home is a really special experience. It kind of spoils us though :)

  8. Thanks so much for the wonderful evening Amy. You were an amazing host and it was my favorite show of the whole tour. Hugs.

  9. what a great evening we had! it was so fun to meet you, and i'm really sad i didn't end up getting a picture of you and i!! how is it possible i went to a fellow blogger's house for the absolute coolest concert ever and not get a picture of us together!! thanks for hosting us all! IT WAS SUPER A LOT OF FUN!!!!

  10. Oh my gosh AMY! I wish I could have been there so see her...and to see you!!! What an amazingly fun night! You are one lucky lady with all the fun things that happen around your house.

    I love Mindy! Her dad was my sister's mission President and Mindy's husband was mission companions with my other sister's husband. So both my sisters know her well. I unfortunately, do not. But, I LOVE her!

  11. so fun! i LOVE your outfit. you look SO GOOD!

  12. SUCH a blast! Thanks again for extending the invitation to share your experience that night with her in your home, I was starstruck and awkward in awe as well!


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