Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vacuum Love

No, this is not a post about a love relationship that sucks you dry.

This is a literal post about my love for my vacuum.

I considered an Ode, but it didn't feel right.

I considered a love letter, but it seemed too trite.

I considered all the things that I wished to say.

About this amazing vacuum that brightens my day!

(So, I rhymed, sue me).

I have been looking for an amazing, stupendous vacuum to replace our's that died.

I have coveted a Dyson. I used to own one. So I love them.

But the $550 price tag stalled me.

So I started researching the under $300 crowd thinking there had to be something good enough to handle 8 people's dirt without bankrupting me.

What did I find?

This beauty....

It's the shark navigator, and I'm in love.

I am thrilled and disgusted by it all at the same time.

Thrilled because it works so good, which is also why I'm disgusted~it sucks up a yucky amount of dirt and filth that my other vacuum obviously left behind. So knowing that we have been rolling around on all that gunk makes me want to curl up into a ball and suck my thumb.

But slowly, the Shark is doing it's business. Sucking dirt with ease. And leaving me with a cleaner house. Well... cleaner carpets at least.

And the best part? It was $199 at Target and it has a 5 year warranty and it's never supposed to lose suction. Just like it's $550 counterpart. Which is a total win for me.

Now if I could just convince Jeff it's need a mate for the upstairs......


  1. My life had slowed down to a bog
    but then I found my vacuum's clog!
    Now I flit about with ease
    And suck up nasties where I please.
    Grit and dust and pet hair too
    I share the Vacuum Love with you!
    Yours is looking mighty fine
    And from Target -- one ninety-nine!
    With a waranty -- you got a deal!
    It's plain to see how great you feel.


  2. did you really love the dyson? we tried 2-3 different times and ended up taking it back every time b/c it wasn't picking up even the larger debris. i've wondered about this long have you had it? how does it do on smooth floors?

  3. Miss Chawntelle-
    I've had it a 2 weeks now. So we'll see how it stands up long term. It has speed one, without the brush for hard surfaces, and speed two, with the brush for carpet. I really do love it. I loved my dyson, but maybe I felt I had to love it cuz I spent so much money on the darn thing. But I am very happy with this for the money I spent, what could be better than that?

  4. I'll have to show that to Doug...he's also been coveting a Dyson.

    Thank you SO much for having a daughter so responsible to know where MY daughter was after school. I almost collapsed into a puddle of relief-tears when I heard her say Talent Show.

  5. FYI..... The Dyson is running strong!!!!!! I have a love relationship with it FOR SURE!!!!! It fits in so well with my OCD!!!!! Ha ha

  6. We just did the same thing! Our lame vacuum finally died after 13 years! I wanted a Dyson, but couldn't stomach the price tag! I researched and got a nice Hoover for less than $200 and so far I LOVE it! And it really sucks!!! Awesome!


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