Wednesday, February 17, 2010

40! and a Mardi Gras Party

This is my brother Keno.

He will be 40 on Saturday.

So what do you do when you are turning 40?

Keno, who served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) to Louisiana, decided a Mardi Gras Party was in order.

He, who would never eat anything different, new, or even slightly slimy, developed an affinity for a strange assortment of foods native to Louisiana.

So with the help of his talented and lovely wife Amy, and his never-give-up-until-you-make-the-perfect-King Cake-mother, threw a Mardi Gras party complete with different, new and slightly slimy food.

Spicy crawfish anyone?

Did you know that a king cake is really really yummy? It is like a cinnamon roll and a danish all put together, but with a tiny toy baby hidden somewhere inside.

Do you know who you invite to a Mardi Gras party? Well, your own delightful, adorable daughter, Sadie of course. She has her Mamma's brown eyes and blonde hair so of course she is beautiful.

What do you and your husband, your aunt, your sister and her husband give your brother who is turning 40? Why, a tandem paragliding flight of course, from here.

It wouldn't be 40 without adding a new crazy adventure to your life, now would it?

And in case you are wondering. I did open up and eat the meat of one spicy crawfish. So I tried it, I am not a whimp.

And also in case you are wondering, I ate enough gumbo and king cake to make up for the fact that I only had one crawfish.

Happy Birthday big brother.

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  1. Happy Birthday Keno!!! I, too did my duty and ate one crawfish! Hope you enjoy the paragliding!


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