Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Decisions, decisions

Ok, so, I love to blog. Some weeks I have profound (ha!) things to say, other weeks I just ramble on about motherhood, children, hubby, what-ev.

But a problem has arisen.

Our brief stint with a dog left me without the cord that connects my camera to the computer.

And our computer(s) are unable, it seems, to read my memory card on a consistent basis.

So, I'm left with a decision.

Is it a viable solution to blog with old pictures, or heaven forbid, none at all?

Or do I stop until we get our new camera and/or computer next week?
This is bothering me.

I even contemplated not blogging anymore, wondering if I'm spending too much time on it.

But then I realized that would mean I was obligated to start scrapbooking again, since this is my children's only chance at having me record memories of them, so I'm sticking with bloggin.

But I want pictures, I need pictures!!!

Cute Henry pulling a face, or Nora just being her, or those older 4 rascals that take up such a huge part of my heart.

What is a girl to do?

I think, it will have to be old pictures for now.


Is anyone out there?

*cough* ahem. tap tap. helloooooo. anyone?

Old pictures it is.

Yes. I'm married to a skater. This is at our friend's empty pool in Rhode Island.

And try not to look for me, cuz I'm much skinnier in this picture and I'm sensitive about it. Ok, not really, but I wish I was still much skinnier, that's all. Anyyywayyy....

And this is Nora at 5 months old, just cuz she's cute. No other reason, she is just plain cute.

For tomorrow, something with an actual point to it.


  1. a brief stint? does that mean she/he has gone on to another loving home?

    Get a new card and get on with the new pics...not that the old pics aren't fun and all...

  2. i lost the cord-thingy, too. so i never post pics unless they're on a disk. and we're always spending money on something other than developing pics. i love the old ones - they let me catch up on all the years we weren't in touch. keep them coming! and whatever you blog about, i love reading it b/c i love you and your family! (and you're incredibly witty and insightful, of course!)

  3. keep blogging and any pictures are fine with me! Have you seen Capt Lucky Jack? How is he doing?

  4. I say keep blogging for sure! You have a way of writing that can put pictures in my head without even seeing it:)I dont know if you have a cell phone that takes pictures? I get alot of mine from that way. Either way I love your blog and would be sad if you stopped!

  5. I agree! Amy keep blogging and keep smiling, knowing we can always count on you, for sure.

    By the way, I ordered a new cord for the camera to connect to the computer. So we will see new pics on here soon.

    I love you, Amy!

  6. Your blog entries are fantastic, funny, human, spiritual, sweet, instructive, and so on. It's plain to see how much everyone enjoys reading them. We all will buy your book too -- if you will write a book!!


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