Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today, I wish

Today I wish I was here.

This is Kate, Julia and Anne Marie 5 years ago at Narragansett Beach.

Quite possibly the most beautiful beach in the continental US. (Can I get an amen from all my Rhode Island peeps?)

So today, I would like.....

To be transported back to the sun, sand and ocean, the sound of the waves gently hitting the shore.

The heat making me a little sleepy, and forcing my eyes to stay open.

Watching Charlie get as close as possible to the waves, and then running from them so that he spent the entire day at the ocean and never got wet.

Seeing the tension leave Jeff's body as he wake boarded.

Staying til the sun left the sky and the breeze turned cool.

Stopping for Dunkin Donuts on the way home, kids falling asleep with chocolate and sprinkles on their hands.

Shaking out the sand, bathing off the salt water, falling into bed, exhausted from all the sun.

To relive it, that would be my today wish.


  1. AMEN! You are making my hear ache and stomach feels like a black hole. Not only just for beautiful Narragansett Beach, but also for summer in general. You're a meanie.

  2. Sitting here trying to decide if it's worth digging my car out of the snow to go to work... your post made me remember some nice, sunny days of my own.

  3. AMEN! That was heaven on go to Narragansett Beach. You just took me back...Thanks for a moment at the Beach!


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